Universal Grant Application – FALL

The Foundation is continuing to refine our grant process.

Important updates:

  • Applicants will continue to receive an email request to apply for each grant for which they are eligible. This email will contain a secure link to the universal grant application and information tailored to that grant. For example, a grant entity may ask that additional information be included. The applicant will need to craft their application taking into account any additional needed information.
  • If you are invited to apply to multiple grants, you can include additional information and specify the name of the corresponding grant. This way you do not need to apply multiple times. Check the boxes of the applicable grant entity and submit one application.
  • The application is online. Applicants have the option of completing it in one session or saving and continuing later. When choosing ‘Save and Continue Later,’ applicants must enter an email address for a link to be sent to continue the application or bookmark the unique link provided. Each question will require an answer before advancing. If appropriate, please use N/A to continue.
  • For the Fall 2024 grants, the applicant will NOT need to submit ANY paper copies. When the application is complete and has been submitted, a copy will be emailed back to the applicant for your records.
  • Applicants will continue to be responsible for meeting the application deadline, submitting the appropriate receipts and reports before the grant award can be paid, and providing a thank you to each granting entity.
  • The last step is uploading a budget online, use template below as a guide. It can be formatted as a jpg, jpeg, xlsx, xls or pdf.

Uploading a budget outline is required with this application. Please use this budget template as a guide.


To avoid conflicting with the High Holidays, all Fall Grant opportunities will open August 5, 2024, allowing additional time to complete applications.

The following applications must be received by September 16, 2024
  • Special Donor-Advised Fund
  • Foundation Grants Committee
  • Herbert Goldsten Fund
  • Lazier L. Singer Memorial Fund for Youth
  • THE CHESED FUND (formerly Murray H. & Sharee C. Newman Supporting Foundation)
The following applications must be received by November 1, 2024
  • Phillip & Terri Schrager Supporting Foundation
  • Milton S. & Corinne N. Livingston Foundation Fund
  • Shirley & Leonard Goldstein Supporting Foundation

Learn more about each grant with our 2024 FALL GRANTS AT A GLANCE document.


Questions? Contact:
Diane Walker
(402) 334-6551

Laurie Peatrowsky
(402) 334-6439