Why I Give

The Jewish Federation of Omaha Annual Campaign dollars
support Jews in Omaha and around the world.

This happens because of YOU!

"I give because I hope to make a difference in my Jewish community and allow others to receive the same opportunities I have. I also feel good giving and strive to do so when I can."

- Adria Tipp

“To us, the Jewish Federation means community, culture, and continuity. Our campus and city is home to a thriving Jewish community and the JFO is the center of it all. Our culture is defined by the generations that came before us. Federation’s services have helped many of us all along the way. Without Federation, our future and the continuity of the Omaha Jewish community would be less secure.”

- Justin & Lizzy Spooner

"Life can change in an instant and it’s important to reach out to those with the greatest need. By raising funds for the Jewish Federation, we hope to help the entire Jewish community. Fundraising has no end date!"

- Bruce and Pam Friedlander

"Federation means something different to every person. It might mean the ELC, Friedel, or having a safe place for family activities. Perhaps Federation means the Blumkin home. Maybe your family has benefitted from the services provided by JFS, or perhaps to you Federation means supporting Israel. When you give, you are directly impacting the many agencies and the many people who rely on the assistance of the Federation each year."

- Dana Kaufman