Give a little, change a lot.

The Jewish Federation of Omaha’s Tzedek Teens program empowers Jewish youth with tools to donate money, time, and energy to causes that are important to them.

Through planning and carrying out Tzedek projects, teens can earn service-learning hours needed for high school graduation requirements.

There are multiple ways to be involved! Depending on each teen’s preferences, time commitments, and interests, there is a way to give Tzedakah.



Start your own Tzedek Teens Fund

How it works:

  1. Establish a Tzedek Teen account with a $125 deposit.
  2. The Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation and generous partners will triple your investment to $500 immediately.
  3. At the end of each school year, you will be able to donate money from your account to organization(s) of your choosing that support a cause important to you.

There are many ways to get involved and donate to important causes.  Financial support is available to open accounts, please contact Naomi for more information.

Participate In or Help Plan a Tzedek Project

There will be two to three Tzedek projects throughout the year. Energetic and motivated teens can join the planning committee or simply show up and get put to work for a meaningful experience.

Information will be shared in e-mail and on our webpage about upcoming projects.

Tzedek Teens project ideas

Do you have an idea of an organization to support through a hands on Tzedek Project? Submit your idea here!

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