Rekindle Fellowship Application

Thank you for your interest in the JCRC’s inaugural Rekindle Fellowship! The deadline for applications is February 21. Notifications will be sent by February 29.

Before you apply, please read through the requirements and responsibilities carefully. There is a waiting list for this inaugural Fellowship cohort, so if you see any impediment to meeting all of the expectations and commitments, we encourage you to postpone your application for an upcoming cohort.

The Rekindle Fellowship aspires to be a transformational experience for both you and the Omaha community. As a member of this Fellowship, it is your responsibility to follow all of the guidelines listed below. 100% participation in all four sessions is mandatory and non-negotiable, so please don’t apply if you have conflicts with scheduled meetings. Check your calendar right now please!

As a Rekindle Fellow, you commit to participating in all four seminar meetings, without interruption, as well as completing each session’s readings in advance of each meeting so you are well prepared to participate fully in the discussion.

After reading and considering each commitment, please check the box for your acceptance.

Application Deadline: February 26
Notifications will be sent by February 29

Questions? Contact:

Sharon Brodkey
JCRC Executive Director

Rekindle Fellowship Application

We'll put this on your nametag.
We'll put your pronouns on your nametag.

Besides your employer, what other organizations are you involved with? Please list volunteer organizations or Boards, and your title (if applicable).
Please enter your church, synagogue, or other house of worship name, if applicable.
All the Rekindle Fellowship sessions include food. Do you have any dietary restrictions we should know about? We will accommodate as best we can. Allergies, vegan, vegetarian, kosher, etc.
In five sentences or less, tell us why you want to be a Rekindle Fellow.
It is important that you know that Rekindle is NOT an introduction to racial justice in this country. Rather, Rekindle focuses on discussing where we go from here. So, tell us: where are you on your racial equity journey? Feel free to list any racial equity trainings you’ve attended, books you’ve read, and where you are in your journey towards social justice.
Rekindle is about empowering changemakers with new knowledge, new connections, and new understandings. How are you a changemaker here in Omaha (or nationally)?
Please insert your bio below, which we will share with the other Fellows. In addition to the typical stuff – education, work, family, etc. – include things like what you do for fun, and what motivates you. What do you want other Fellows to know about you?
Finally, the Rekindle Action Project (RAP) is a critical part of the overall Fellowship. This is a team-based, capstone project to create a collaborative initiative that advances Black-Jewish relations socially, educationally, in joint volunteering, etc. You and your team determine together the focus of your RAP project. The goals are to a) have Fellows connect with each other outside of the formal workshops; b) take small actions that could lead to bigger ones; and c) build long-term relationships through short-term working together. This will require 10-15 hours of work outside of the workshops. How do you feel about the idea of the RAP projects? What idea(s) might you be interested in pursuing for your team's project?