We hope these resources will spark conversations and empower you to respond to antisemitic incidents and comments you might encounter. Download resources here

Actions to Take

  • Speak up. When you hear an antisemitic comment, call it out. Share resources from this page. Let people know that antisemitic comments and actions are never okay
  • Report any incident to the Anti-Defamation League and JCRC.
  • Seek out reliable information from credible sources to counteract false information.
  • Address specific issues in a conversation rather than argue.
  • Engage your schools, workplaces, and friends with JCRC’s educational offerings, including Student to Student, Holocaust Speakers Bureau, and teacher education. Make the connection –JCRC is happy to be your partner.
  • Organize opportunities for meetings between lay members of different faiths to discuss antisemitism and the persecution of other groups.
  • Create a discussion, study, or book group to learn more about antisemtism.
  • Avoid using anti-Jewish language or making references to Jewish stereotypes — even in jest.
  • Lobby public officials to take action and make statements against antisemitism.
  • Visit websites of human rights groups and organizations to keep current on antisemitic incidents and organized efforts to combat them.