Do “Good” with your words

Clean Speech Nebraska Year 2 is here!

Clean Speech Nebraska is a community-wide, month-long campaign to clean up our conversations, one word at a time. By encouraging mindfulness and personal awareness, we can create a more peaceful and respectful world where our communities are united and connected.

Presented by the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) Clean Speech Nebraska will kick off in February 2024 with a month of videos and a Booklet focused on being mindful of how we speak to each other when we disagree, inspired by Jewish values.

Just as Jewish tradition offers guidelines for respectful, community-oriented speech, Clean Speech Nebraska encourages people of all faiths to cleanse their speech and be more mindful of the language we use. In fact, Clean Speech Nebraska will be the first local initiative to focus specifically on respectful, community-building speech.

Just about anyone who develops a greater awareness of the way they communicate will enjoy smoother, more pleasant interactions and relationships. It’s just no fun to live in a nasty, back-biting world filled with careless speech that causes us all discomfort and pain. This will help!

There is no cost to participate. During the month, you’ll receive a daily lesson to watch or read. Sign up for the videos here!