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Omaha jewish community Beit Midrash

Omaha is blessed with a Jewish community whose members have respect for each other and for their spiritual leaders, regardless of congregational affiliation. Embracing a desire to be together and learn together, this exciting Beit Midrash (house of study) gives all of Jewish Omaha the opportunity to engage in spirited and challenging cross-denominational study with local rabbis and cantors.

Omaha Beit Midrash has also become a popular learning platform for Jews in different locations throughout the country thanks to the use of Zoom. The 2021-2022 sessions welcomed 242 registrants with an average of 36 participants every week. As we work our way through the challenges of the pandemic, this year’s series will encourage increased in-person participation while maintaining the convenience and availability of Zoom.


Wednesdays, 7:00-8:00 pm
Nov 9-May 17 with breaks for holidays and other programing.

Sessions will be Hybrid: Join us in-person in the Wiesman Reception Room in the Staenberg Omaha JCC OR via Zoom. In-person participants are also asked to register.

REGISTER HERE for In-Person & Zoom Link

Each session presents a topic relating to an overall theme.

Part One: Mitzvot

Nov 09 V'Ahavta Lereiacha Kamocha - Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself
Nov 16 V'shinantan L'vanecha - And You Shall Teach Your Children
Nov 30 mezuzah, tefilin, geniza - Name of God
Dec 07 lashon harah - Evil Speech
Dec 14 Lifnei lver - Don't Put a Stumbling Block Before the Blind
Dec 21 kibud/yirat av v'eim - Honor/fear Your Mother & Father Cancelled due to weather

Part Two: Life Cycle

Jan 11 End of Life Choices Cancelled due to program conflict

Jan 18 Chevra Kadisha Cancelled due to weather

Jan 25 Mourning

Feb 01 Afterlife

Feb 08 Marriage/Divorce

Feb 15 Illness/Healing/Disability

Feb 22 B'nai Mitzvah

Mar 01 Brit Mila/Sinchat Bat/Pidyon ha Ben

Clergy panels

Mar 29 Passover

May 17 Stump the Clergy

View Beit Midrash sessions on the JFO YouTube Channel

Videos of the 2021-2022 series are currently available for viewing.

Videos for 2022-2023 will become available following each session.

Beit Midrash Video Library