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Jewish Federation of Omaha

Welcome to the world of the Jewish Federation of Omaha, where the values of compassion, generosity, and responsibility inspire us to improve the quality of life for people in Omaha, in Israel, and in over 70 countries. Together, we are doing a world of good.

Mission Statement

To build and sustain a strong and vibrant Omaha Jewish community and to support Jews in Israel and around the world

Core Values

Judaism + Collective Responsibility + Community + Education + Health and Well-being + Integrity + Leadership + Stewardship


Incorporating Jewish ethics, morals and traditions to meet our mission.

Collective Responsibility

Caring for each other and providing basic human needs.


Uniting the community through collaboration and partnerships.


A dedication to life-long learning.

Health and Well-being

Promoting physical, social and emotional well-being.


Acting in a sound, honest and unbiased manner.


Identifying and developing strong lay and professional leaders.


Committing to the careful management of community resources.

The Jewish Federation of Omaha is where we, as a community, develop innovative responses to critical issues. Where anyone who needs help can get it and where an energized Jewish community grows and celebrates. And where everyone, including you, can make a world of difference right now.


2018-2019 JFO Board of Directors

Jon Meyers, President
Bruce Friedlander, Past President
Toba Cohen-Dunning
Jim Fried
Ted Friedland
John Glazer
Richard Heyman
Abby Kutler
Lisa Lucoff
Scott Meyerson
Mike Norton
Nancy Schlessinger
Mike Siegel
Phil Wolf