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It's time for the 2018 Annual Campaign and

we want to engage and involve every

member of our Omaha Jewish community.

Our goals are a 3% increase in pledges and 100 new gifts to build our donor base. In doing so, we recognize the Jewish Federation of Omaha Annual Campaign as the most significant way to make a difference in Jewish lives here at home, in Israel and around the world.

Through engagement, education and promotion, our community is made aware of programs and services available via campaign dollars and we recognize the Jewish Federation of Omaha as a meaningful and important place to invest one's time, effort and philanthropy.

As Jews, it is our responsibility to care for one another and for those less fortunate. A lesson taught from generation to generation, L'Dor V'Dor.  The Federation's Annual Campaign is about more than raising money. It is about helping people across our community fulfill the mitzvah of Tzedakah-the commandment to act righteously.

Money raised through the Annual Campaign benefits thousands of Jewish people in Omaha, across the United States, in Israel, in Argentina, in the Former Soviet Union, in Ethiopia, and in more than 60 other countries around the world by:
•    Feeding the hungry
•    Educating the young
•    Caring for the old
•    Comforting the sick
•    Counseling the troubled
•    Rescuing the oppressed
•    Providing a voice for those unable to speak
•    Offering vital assistance to those unable to meet their own basic needs

Learn more below or please click here to Donate Today!
Annual Campaign Leadership
2018 Annual Campaign Chairs: Joseph & Ruth Erman  |  Michael & Dana Kaufman
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Community Event
We invite the community to celebrate on October 18 we kickoff the 2018 Annual Campaign.
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Giving Society
The Jewish Federations of Omaha offers many opportunities for donors who dedicate substantial philanthropic resources to the Federation campaign to take part in distinctive events along with peers from across the continent who share their passion for doing good. Read More
Kids Campaign
The Kids Campaign is an exciting initiative for children to learn about Tzedakah. Read More
Kehilla Cup
Kehilla is Hebrew for “community.” The Kehilla Cup unites and inspires community volunteers to a friendly team competition and challenges them to  connect with Omaha Jews. Read More
Stories of Impact
Learn more about how your support to the Jewish Federation of Omaha is making a difference in Omaha and around the world.
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Annual Campaign: One Place Where You Make the Difference
According to Jewish tradition, the highest form of tzedakah or charity
is giving to a central campaign or community fund or kupah.
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A collection of videos highlighting the Omaha Jewish community.
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