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Policies/Editorial Guidelines

Editorial policy:
Editorials express the view of the writer and are not necessarily representative of the views of the Jewish Press Committee, the Jewish Federation of Omaha or the Omaha Jewish community as a whole. The Jewish Press reserves the right to edit signed letters and articles for space and content. The Jewish Press is not responsible for the Kashrut of any product or establishment.

Editorial guidelines:
The Jewish Press is a Constitutional Committee of the Jewish Federation of Omaha. Deadline for copy, ads and photos is: Thursday, noon, eight days prior to publication. E-mail editorial material and photos to Annette van de Kamp-Wright,  Editor.  Send ads (in .TIF or .PDF format) to: Richard Busse, Creative Director.
Letters to the Editor Guidelines:

The Jewish Press welcomes Letters to the Editor.
They may be sent via regular mail to:
The Jewish Press,
333 So. 132 St.,
Omaha, NE 68154;

via fax:
1-402-334-5422 or

via e-mail to the Editor:.

Letters should be no longer than 250 words and must be single-spaced typed, not hand-written. Published letters should be confined to opinions and comments on articles or events. News items should not be submitted and printed as a “Letter to the Editor.”

The Editor may edit letters for content and space restrictions, but should be printed as soon as possible to ensure timeliness. Letters may be published without giving an opposing view. Information shall be verified before printing. All letters must be signed by the writer and the Jewish Press will not publish anonymously.

No letters should be published from candidates running for office, but others may write on their behalf unless they are employed by the candidate.

Letters of thanks should be confined to commending an institution for a program, project or event, rather than personally thanking paid staff, unless the writer chooses to turn the “Letter to the Editor” into a paid personal ad or a news article about the event, project or program which the professional staff supervised.