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5.20.16 Issue

Annette van de Kamp-Wright, Editor, Jewish Press

As of May 17, we welcome Director of Development Nate Shapiro as the newest addition to the Jewish Federation of Omaha’s Campaign team. He will take over for Marty Ricks, whose retirement party (don’t forget!) is May 25th at the Jewish Community center’s Gallery.

Nate came to Omaha to attend graduate school at UNO, and is excited about his new endeavor. Nate can’t wait to start connecting names with faces and getting to know our community on a personal level.

“I’ve always wanted to work toward a greater purpose and help others,” he said. “Previously, I worked as a manager for a group home, and more recently I was with United Way of the Midlands.  I am looking forward to learning more skills, and finding a greater balance between my personal life and work. Fundraising for the Jewish Federation of Omaha fulfills those needs.”

In 2015, Nate told The Jewish Press why he joined the Israeli Defense Force:

“I became aware this was an option in 2006 when I attended the Brandeis Collegiate Institute,” he said. “I met some Israelis who I could really talk to, and the moment I realized joining the IDF was an option, I wanted to do it. I decided that if I didn’t go over there to stand with my brothers and sisters, I would regret it for the rest of my life.”

Nate developed a study abroad program and made arrangements with the army while he studied in Haifa. He was then drafted for 18 months with the Nahal Brigade.

“It was a good experience and it made me a better person,” he said.

Nate plans to marry fiancée Carly Sorenson in November of this year. Carly is from Dodgeville, Wisconsin and is a registered dietician with the Methodist Health Care Center.

Look for a more in-depth article about Nate this summer.