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6.27.14 Issue

by Mary Sue Grossman, The Center for Jewish Life

Have plans to hit the open road this summer? Take advantage of your travel time and enjoy audio books from the Kripke Jewish Federation Library as the miles roll along.  These audio CDs are the perfect way to let someone else do the reading while you are enjoying the scenery. The following are a few of the titles available.

Old Jews Telling Jokes – So what’s the difference between a Jewish mother and a Rottweiler? Eventually a Rottweiler will let go! For thousands of years, God’s chosen people have cornered the market on knee-slappers, zingers and knock-knock jokes. Now Old Jews Telling Jokes mines mothers, fathers, bubbies and zaydes for comic gelt. Some are naughty, some are downright bawdy, but either way you’ll laugh till you plotz.

Still Foolin’ Em – Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going and Where the Hell are My Keys? – Read by author Billy Crystal, Still Foolin’ Em looks back at the most memorable moments of Crystal’s storied life and provides a road map to the absurdities and challenges that come with aging. He reflects on everything from Saturday Night Live to the making of City Slickers and When Harry Met Sally to his long run as host of the Academy Awards. It is wise, poignant and laugh-out-loud funny.

Just Say Nu – Yiddish for Every Occasion (When English Just Won’t Do) – Author Michael Wex reads his practical book designed to help you make Yiddish a part of your daily life. Why, you might wonder do you need to pepper your conversation with words, phrases, entire sentences, in a language that almost no one really knows anymore? Wex says “Why not? Yiddish has the unique ability to diminish human misery without providing any concomitant increase in happiness – and if you think that’s easy, here’s your chance to try it out.” (Wex’s book Born to Kvetch also available as an audio book.)

The Big Jewish Book for Jews – This hilarious collection of instruction, lore and even handicrafts will help you rediscover the traditional wisdom, skills and recipes, going all the way back to Moses and the original exodus from Egypt, when God was the only GPS device around, was written by Ellis Weiner and Barbara Davilman, the authors of several humor books. Weiner blogs for the Huffington Post and Davilman is a writer-producer for reality television.

Tapestry – The writings of prolific author Belva Plain have been described as storytelling magic at its best.  Tapestry continues the saga of the Werner family which Plain began in Evergreen and The Golden Cup. The story revolves around wealthy Paul Werner and interweaves with a myriad of other characters as he quests for ultimate happiness and contentment.

Blessings – Another Belva Plain offering, Blessings weaves the story of Jennie Rakowsky and how her dreams are coming true. About to marry a wonderful man and her law career skyrocketing, a secret she has hidden for 19 years threatens to shatter it all. From growing up as a child of impoverished Holocaust survivors to discovering the world of America’s Jewish aristocracy, Jennie learned how important family and heritage can be. She now has to discover the values that went even deeper.

Sacred and Profane – Author Faye Kellerman continues to develop the story of Detective Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus. Decker has grown very close to Rina’s young sons, and he looks forward to spending a day of vacation camping with the boys. It is a nice reprieve from the grueling work of a homicide detective until one of the boys stumbles upon a gruesome site. Two human skeletons, charred beyond recognition, are identified as teenage girls. As the father of a 16 year-old daughter, Decker’s vacation time is over and he throws himself – professionally and personally – into the case. (Other Kellerman audio books are Milk and Honey and Straight Into Darkness.)

Other audio book offerings include authors Michael Chabon, Daniel Silva, Dara Horn, Geraldine Brooks, Brad Metzler, Nathan Englander and more.

Library hours are 9 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday through Thursday and 9 a.m.-4 p.m. on Friday. The Kripke Jewish Federation Library is a program of the Center for Jewish Life as a part of the agency’s mission to maximize involvement of Omaha’s Jewish community in imaginative, compelling and meaningful Jewish experiences. For additional information, please call 402.334.6462.