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Thick with suspense, the narrative of Dr. Gill Heart challenged and inspired nearly 70 people who came to draw from his inspiration and get their “Mind in Control”. A passionate speaker, Gill Heart led an interactive workshop Monday evening April 16th at Chabad. His knowledge and know-how, gleaned from years as an IDF Commander, his work in the field of Neuroscience, entrepreneurial experiences, and his dedicated study of Kabbalah, converged into a practical and even fun session that offered participants tools for living. ” I think it was unusual different
experience”, said Anna Yuz-Mosenkis, who attended with her husband.

“Interesting information and great techniques to keep in mind when going through every day life”, she added.

Punctuated with humor and interspersed with fun and interactive exercises, Dr, Heart showed how the stressors to which we are constantly exposed can limit our productivity and efficiency. “I enjoyed Gill Heart’s presentation very much”, said Anat Cabili. “The sources on which his
framework is based: Kabbalah, neuroscience and his experience in the IDF were thought provoking, yet his suggestions were practical and down to earth”, she explained.

The event was organized to offer an alternate approach to educational lectures and seminars as part of Chabad’s programming and to share the wisdom and relevance of our age- old tradition to our fast-paced, modern lives. The participants covered a large cross section of the Omaha
community, including people of all faiths and affiliations.

At the conclusion of the presentation, a raffle drawing was held in which Lisa Epstein, Bonnie Pfrenger, and Nora Zoob each won a private phone consultation with Dr. Gill Heart.

The evening was dedicated to Mr. Phil Schrager of blessed memory whose leadership and kindness continue to effect our community and touch lives
every day.