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 » Shine A Light Day 6

“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.” – Elie Wiesel


Hatred of Jews is not solely a Jewish problem. Antisemitism is based on conspiracies and false facts, creating an intolerant society, undermining democracy, civil rights and individual liberties that are fundamental to our society. By ignoring or tolerating antisemitism, hate is enabled. We must stand against antisemitism to protect freedom and dignity for all.  
Jews can’t fight antisemitism alone. Rabbi Jonathan Sacks "ZL", Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom said:  
We have to stand together to fight hate, not Jews alone, but every single person who cares for the sanctity of life and for a free and just and tolerant society. And we must never be left alone. We must gather allies because ultimately the hatred of Jews is hatred of difference, which is hatred of humanity. The enemies of Jews are the enemies of freedom, wherever it is. And that is why we must stand together to fight hate, in all its forms.
WATCH or READ: Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on Antisemitism.  (3:21)
Watch and read these videos and articles to explore (at your own pace) how others have responded to antisemitism:
WATCH: Shine a Light on Antisemitism
WATCH: “Antisemitism and Jewish Discrimination.” What Would You Do? (8:53) Watch what happens when people are faced with blatant antisemitism.  
WATCH: Why Anti-Semitism is an Issue for Everybody 13:58) In this TedEx talk, college student Jasper Vyda, discusses his personal experiences with antisemitism, detailing the data behind its contemporary increase, and what can be done to combat it. This talk examines the fundamental intersectionality of the current fight against Anti-Semitism in the United States, and why we all have a moral responsibility to join it to protect people of all affinities at large.
WATCH: Shared Legacies (3:28)

READ: Why I went to Auschwitz by Ray Allen. The Players Tribune. August 2, 2017.  Retired NBA player, Ray Allen discusses his trip to Auschwitz, his visit to the Holocaust Museum in 1998 with the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, why he took his teammates to the Museum when time permitted and the lessons he learned from meeting with the grandson of a man whose entire family was executed for hiding Jews in the cellar of their home in Poland.
READ: Hanukkah and anti-semitism requires a response. But we cannot fight hatred with more hatred  NBC Think  December 30, 2019
READ: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Where is the Outrage Over Anti-Semitism in Sports and Hollywood? The Hollywood Reporter July 14, 2020
READ: Antisemitism: 90 Ways to Respond Anti-Defamation League

Tree of Life Synagogue: A case study in coming together

On October 27, 2018, a white supremacist stormed the Tree of Life Synagogue with an AR-15 rifle, killing 11 Jews, wounding four police officers and two others in the deadliest attack on Jews in the United States in history. This was an attack on Jews as a people because his manifesto blamed Jews for undermining the white race for working to help refugees settle in the United States.
READ: After the Tree of Life massacre, an inspiring story of a community coming together.  The Forward.  September 30, 2021
READ: 3,000 unite in Rochester vigil for Pittsburgh


Community Conversations: The State of Antisemitism in Nebraska
January 11, 2023
7pm  |   Alan J. Levine Theater at the Staenberg Omaha JCC


WATCH: Fighting Antisemitism on Social Media (1:03) January 2, 2020
READ: The Keys to Understanding American Antisemitism and Fighting Back Rabbi Jonathan Sacks Originally published in Jewish Telegraphic Agency
LISTEN: How to Combat Rising Antisemitism in America (55:49) with Dr. Rachel Fish JewishBoston
LISTEN: 87 Ways to combat antisemitism:  Inside the EU’s Plan to Combat Jew Hatred (28:43) AJC  November 21, 2021