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 » Combating Antisemitism Resources


We hope these resources will spark conversations and empower you to respond to antisemitic incidents and comments you might encounter. Download resources here

Actions to Take

  • Speak up. When you hear an antisemitic comment, call it out. Share resources from this page. Let people know that antisemitic comments and actions are never okay
  • Report any incident to the Anti-Defamation League and JCRC.
  • Seek out reliable information from credible sources to counteract false information.
  • Address specific issues in a conversation rather than argue.
  • Engage your schools, workplaces, and friends with JCRC's educational offerings, including Student to Student, Holocaust Speakers Bureau, and teacher education. Make the connection --JCRC is happy to be your partner.
  • Organize opportunities for meetings between lay members of different faiths to discuss antisemitism and the persecution of other groups.
  • Create a discussion, study, or book group to learn more about antisemtism.
  • Avoid using anti-Jewish language or making references to Jewish stereotypes -- even in jest. 
  • Lobby public officials to take action and make statements against antisemitism.
  • Visit websites of human rights groups and organizations to keep current on antisemitic incidents and organized efforts to combat them.

Additional Resources

A Jewish Call to Action: 10 Ways to Fight Back by David Harris, Times of Israel
Antisemitism: Here and Now
by Deborah Lipstadt
Antisemitism: 90 Ways You Can Respond,
Anti-Defamation League
Defining Antisemitism, IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism
How to Talk to Children About Antisemitism, PJ Library
Resources for Becoming a Strong Jewish Student Advocate, AJC Campus Library
Teaching About Antisemitism, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Translate Hate Glossary, AJC
10 Things You Can Do to Fight Antisemitism, StandWithUs
Tools for Dealing with Antisemitic and Anti-Israel Incidents on Campus, Anti-Defamation League