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JFO Scholarships

JCC Summer Camp, Jewish Overnight Summer Camp, Israel Programs 
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Friedel Jewish Academy and/or Child Development Center
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Youth group programs
This scholarship opportunity is available year-round.
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Music and cultural arts programs
This scholarship
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College Academic Excellence Scholarship Download application.

Undergraduate/Graduate/Professional/Yeshiva Studies/Vocational Studies Scholarship Download application.


The Financial Aid Committee of the Jewish Federation of Omaha is pleased to announce a new scholarship opportunity for undergraduate study. This need-based scholarship was created specifically for children of single parent families who worked during high school to contribute economically and emotionally to their families. The donor, who chooses to remain anonymous, feels a kinship to these individuals and has chosen to impact their college experience in a meaningful way. The donor has said “I would like to create a new $10,000 scholarship award based on need rather than merit.” The up to $10,000 award may be split in the event two candidates tie.

Eligibility criteria include the following:

· Applicant must be from a single parent family. Parent must have been single for at least 12 months.

· Applicant must be a Jewish resident of the Omaha metropolitan area.

· This scholarship is for undergraduate study only.

· Applicant has had a job and has contributed to the family income

This Anonymous College Scholarship Fund will require a separate application and has an earlier application deadline of February 1, 2021. 

Download the application here. Please download the blank application before you begin to complete it.

Direct any questions to Diane Walker at either (402) 334-6551 or

Please download blank applications before beginning to complete it.