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The PARTNERSHIP2GETHER Artist Workshops Program is a unique opportunity that allows Omaha to host Israeli artist who are volunteering their time and creativity to collaborate and share their knowledge with us.

Through this program we have the chance to develop meaningful relationships with the artists through their workshops, gallery talk, home hospitality and learning about their lives and artistic endeavors in the Western Galilee.

The Gallery Talk
February 22 | 7:00pm
JCC Social Hall | Free
Each artist will give a presentation of their work and then have a open discussion with the audience about being an Israeli artist, living in the periphery, and creating in the space between the two worlds of art and design.

Bird’s Eye View | Koby Sibony
February 23 | 9:30-10:30am

Kripke Library   |  Cost: $5
Using 1mm wire, participants will learn how to make 2D birds using metal wire. Each bird, like its creator, will look different and will have its own special character.

Glass Fusing — A medium for Self-Expression | Batya Gil
February  23 | 1:00 -3:00 pm

JCC Social Hall  |  Cost: $5
Our time will spent using glass as a medium to encourage the fun and playfulness of creativity. You’ll use window glass, colors and powders, copper wire and pieces of glass to create your own glass piece to be fused in a glass kiln.

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The Artists:

Batya Gil Margalit
Born in Canada, Batya immigrated to Israel as a child and has been an artist for over 20 years. After graduating from Bezalel Art Academy in 1991, she and her husband moved to Clil, an ecological village in the Western Galilee. There they built their home and studio called ‘Jara,’ and is where they create, teach and raised their children. Early on in her career she fell in love with glass, it is one of the main medium she works with.

Batya worked as lead designer at the Andrias Meyer Glass Company, a factory specializing in silk art-prints fused on objects. In 2010 she received a scholarship to the Corning Museum to study glass casting, her first formal education in glass. Since 2011 Batya has been a volunteer with P2G and an art coordinator for our Partnership AIR Program. In 2012 she visited Indianapolis and Toledo for that year’s Artist Workshop program.

Koby Sibony
Koby was born in Haifa, Israel and as a young boy in Kiryat Motzkin (a suburb of Haifa), he began to play with thin copper wire, bending and shaping it with his hands. As he grew he discovered a 1 mm thick metal wire which he continues to use to this day.

Koby graduated in 2011 with a degree in Industrial Design from the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem. After graduation he opened an art and design studio on Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta’ot (The Ghetto Fighters Kibbutz) a community in the Western Galilee established by surviving fighters from the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Koby lives with his wife Yael Ben Aarons on the kibbutz.

He identifies himself a “Designer/Maker,” and he considers his creations to be located on the border between art and design (He elaborates on this topic in his lecture The Connection between Art and Design). While some of Koby’s creations have a specific function, such as a transistor radio or a light fixture, others have a more artistic, aesthetic character. For much of his work, nature is a main source of inspiration.