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Stories of Impact

100 Days of Impact: Gratitude

Giving makes us feel good about ourselves. It allows us to take pride in communal accomplishments. It reaffirms that we are all part of something; that we continue to build a successful community only when we do it together. That does not mean we all have to fork over thousands of dollars, although I know some of you do. When we all give what we can, regardless of the dollar figure, this world we’ve built will continue to thrive. Read more

100 Days of Impact: Akko Life Cycles

Your support in the JFO Annual Campaign makes a difference not only in local and national lives but also in the lives of Israelis. Thank you to the donors who have supported the Campaign.

Akko Life Cycles works to empower and mobilize the underprivileged youth in Akko. At-risk youth are some of the most vulnerable citizens of Akko, and Akko Life Cycles works to help them acquire important life skills, boost confidence and “develop attitudes of individual and community responsibility.” Read more

100 Days of Impact: The Chesed Center

The Chesed Center, created by Garin Ometz Akko, is just one of the programs benefitted by your support of the JFO Annual Campaign. Your support helps provide food and clothing for the needy in Akko.

Chesed means lovingkindness. The Chesed Center aims to provide that to the underprivileged in Akko by supplying food, secondhand clothing, and more. According to Chesed Center Grant Manager Reut Gets, it is the leading project in the Akko area and becomes a major supporter of the city’s needs during times of crisis. Read more