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Annual Campaign Leadership

The Jewish Federation of Omaha is excited to kickoff its 2022 Annual Campaign. We are in good hands with the 2022 chairs: Iris and Marty Ricks and Jessica and Shane Cohn have agreed to be this coming year’s Chairs.
“Our hopes for the 2022 campaign,” Iris said, “are to engage more donors and really make them feel part of the community. We especially want to reach out to those who have never contributed before.  In addition, we want to raise more than last year’s campaign!”

“The last year and a half have been incredibly challenging for all,” Jessica added. “As we begin to slowly and safely peek our way out of the pandemic, it’s refreshing to greet friends with a handshake and smile. I hope the 2022 Annual campaign can be an opportunity to reunite. In addition, I am passionate about women’s philanthropy and excited to work with the amazing chairs leading the women’s philanthropy roles.”

Iris and Marty agreed to chair the campaign because they love the Omaha Jewish community and want to see it succeed.

“We always appreciated Omaha,” they said, “but after being in Portland for two years, we appreciate it even more.  And of course we are delighted to be working with Jess and Shane!”

“As someone who often felt on the periphery of Jewish Omaha,” Jess added, “diving in and connecting with donors in the community was a way to feel included. I’ve received so much enrichment from the Jewish Federation- from PJ Library, Momentum, Jewish Learning, swimming at the pool, working out at the JCC and more- this is my way of giving back to the community that has given me so much.”

Our community needs to address the needs of all ages in the community, Iris and Marty said. “We must provide access to Jewish experiences, including lectures, camps, trips to Israel, conclaves, etc.  We need to design programs to attract the community to our beautiful JCC.  We also would love for the community to be more connected to Israel.”

Campaign, they added, benefits our community in many ways:
“We could talk all day about that! It allows us to bring on a community Shaliach from Israel, helps fund the numerous Federation agencies such as The Rose Blumkin Jewish Home, Friedel Jewish Academy and the Pennie Z. Davis Early Learning Center. Your Campaign gift supports the synagogues, provides programming and subsidies for camps and trips to Israel.” Read more

2022 Anual Campaign Chairs
Jessica and Shane Cohn  |  Iris and Marty Ricks
Men's Major Donor Chairs
David Gilinsky  |  John Glazer
Women's Major Donor Chairs
Cindy Goldberg  |  Nancy Schlessinger
Builder’s Chairs
Jamie and Troy Meyerson
Pomegranate Chairs
Stacey Atlas  |  Jan Goldstein
Sabra Chairs
Donald Gerber  |  Jeff Zacharia
Pearl Society Chairs
Ally Freeman  |  Debbie Friedman  |  Ellie Novak
Ben Gurion Chairs
Lissy Kane  |  Justin Spooner
Together Campaign Chairs
Lisa and Chuck Lucoff
Community Campaign Chairs
Terry Rush  |  Matthew Taub

Mike Siegel, President
Alan Potash, Chief Executive Officer  |  402-334-6574
Jennifer Tompkins, Executive Director of Community Philanthropy &
Engagement |  402-334-6433
Jamie Skog-Burke, Director of Community Outreach & Israel Engagement |  402-334-6440