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E-News - Sept. 11, 2015

September 11, 2015  |  27 Elul 5775

September is a time of renewal and reflection as we embark upon the high holidays and welcome the Jewish New Year, 5776. We live in an incredible place.  We are a community that cares, that takes care of each other and that always strives to do the right thing.

We hope everyone takes part in the 2016 Annual Campaign. Without Federation and the donations you make to the Annual Campaign, it would be hard to imagine how our JCC, our day school, our support for synagogue and CDC education and our ability to send teens and young adults on Israel experiences would continue at the level of excellence they enjoy today.

And, most importantly, they would be without a partner, one that embodies the ability and willingness to ensure that the whole remains greater than the sum of its parts.
Without Federation, we could not harness the power of the collective to help our fellow Jews around the world. Our overseas partners ensure we have a voice and a helping hand to those suffering and in need; especially this year as we fight growing anti-Semitism in Western Europe, political and military threats in the Middle East and national unrest in Ukraine.

All of this happens with community members who volunteer, guide and lead us in our mission. This year, we are fortunate to have the experience of Howard Kooper and Jan Goldstein chair the 2016 Annual Campaign. Many, many, more, (we listed as many as we could, right) are chairing events, acting as ambassadors and team captains and sponsoring programs.

The Jewish New Year is an opportunity to make small adjustments and thoughtful improvements in our work, our relationships and our community connections. Learning from our successes and challenges and finding ways to improve is one of the most meaningful parts of the Yamim Norai, the Days of Awe.

On behalf of the staff and board of the Federation, we wish you and your family a sweet and healthy New Year. Shana Tova u'metuka.

Jay Noddle             Alan Potash


Lone Soldier Izzy Ezagui had a tremendous impact on Jewish Omaha this week as he spoke at three different 2016 Annual Campaign events.  Over 50 teens were on the edges of their seats; listening to Izzy's harrowing tales of combat, injury, survival and perseverance. Izzy had the teens try to tie their shoelaces with one hand behind their backs and directed them to his Facebook page, where he has a video demonstrating how he loads and shoots a gun with one arm. The Next Gen group of 30 enjoyed hearing Izzy's story during an afternoon luncheon and Izzy finished his visit as the keynote speaker at the Major Donor dinner last night.

Izzy thanked the over 120 major donors attending for supporting the Annual Campaign; acknowledging that his experiences, love for Israel and devotion to protecting our homeland all began with his Birthright Israel trip at 18 years old (Funds from the Federation's Annual Campaign supports the Birthright program).

See more photos on our facebook page.

Your Community on Stage!
Campaign Cabaret
Sunday, October 11  |  5:30 pm  |  Joslyn Art Museum
$36/adult  |  $18/youth
Your invitation is in the mail!
Called "one of the most memorable game changers in Jewish Omaha history," by Chair Jan Goldstein,  Campaign Cabaret rehearsals are now in full swing; happening almost daily on the Federation Campus. More than 100 adults and kids are singing and dancing in the timeless musical production first seen in 1986.

Don't miss out on community classics like "Bubbe Boogie" and "Zaydes on Patrol". Send in your reply card or contact Louri Sullivan, Director of Community Impact and Special Projects at 334-6485 or
In Remembrance of 9/11
american-flag-building.jpg Hillel would say: Do not separate yourself from the community.
-Pirke Avot 2:4

In recognition and respect of the 14th Anniversary of the terror attacks on September 11, 2001, we offer the following prayer:   
May the pain of your remembrance be softened by the presence of a compassionate community and by the memories of lives lived in love and service. And may the approaching New Year renew in us life, hope and commitment to do our part to bring healing to our world.
You and Federation
Together with the Jewish Federation of Omaha, you make our Jewish community more caring and connected. We've made a difference in the lives of so many - by providing for those in need, building Jewish identity, and celebrating Jewish Life.
We want to express our sincere appreciation to all those in our community who has volunteered to support the 2016 Annual Campaign. You help make Jewish Omaha the very best Jewish community!  May you all have a happy and heathly New Year.
2016 Annual Campaign Chairs
Howard Kooper and Jan Goldstein

Pacesetters Chairs
Joe Kirshenbaum and
Jeff Kirshenbaum

Women's Major Gifts
Jeanie Neff and Laurie Epstein

Major Donor Event Chairs
Gloria and Howard Kaslow
Susan Lehr

European Women's Mission
Kimberly Robinson

National Partnership
Zoë Riekes

Community Event Chairs
Betsy Baker and Stacey Rockman

Campaign Cabaret
Production Chair

Andee Scioli

Campaign Cabaret
Production Coordinator

Beth Friedman

NEXTGen Event Chairs
Alex Epstein and Troy Meyerson

Kehilla Cup Commissioner
Brian Nogg

Kehilla Cup
Mike Abramson, Team Captain
Tim Zweiback, Team Captain
Jeff Kirshenbaum
Marissa Abramson
Bradley Abramson
Lloyd Roitstein
Tina Meyers
Joe Meyers

Carrie Fingold, Team Captain
Stacey Atlas
Zoë Riekes
Dana Kaufman
Ari Riekes
Susie Norton
Iris Ricks

Bruce Goldberg, Team Captain
Jeff Platt
Steve Zalkin
Cindy Goldberg
Bonnie Levinger
John Lehr
Andrew Robinson
Vicki Allely

Adam Kutler, Team Captain
Andy Ruback
Jeff Zacharia
Margie Gutnik
Bruce Kutler
Sharon Kirshenbaum

Lisa Lucoff, Team Captain
Rachel Martin
Chuck Lucoff
Wendy Raffel
Robyn Kooper
Jamie Meyerson
Carrie Brown
Sonia Tipp
Vicki Perlmeter
Suzy Sheldon
Daniel Grossman

Dan Marburg, Team Captain
Dick Katz
Marty Cohen
Jay Gordman
Michael Shrago
Scott Littky
Andy Raffel
Alan Fredricks
Rob Reiss
Paul Miller

Michael Miller, Team Captain
Mike Siegel
Troy Meyerson
Scott Simon
John Glazer
Matt Shapiro
Bruce Friedlander
Paul Epstein
Brett Atlas

Brian Nogg, Team Captain
Melissa Shapiro
Patty Nogg
Hap Pocras
Alex Epstein
Sandy Epstein
Terri Zacharia
Jaime Nogg
Jim Glazer
Debbie Zweiback
Adam Kirshenbaum

Jeff Nogg, Team Captain
Steve Nogg
Brandon Koom
Mark Scheer
Mark Jacobson
Andi Willensky
Rabbi Josh Brown
Andy Shefsky
Stacie Brodkey
Allyson Wilczewski

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