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E-News - July 17, 2015

July 17, 2015  |  1 Av 5775

2016 Annual Campaign
Jan Goldstein and Howard Kooper will chair the 2016 Annual Campaign for the Jewish Federation of Omaha. They agreed on one condition - this Campaign will be all about celebrating community. With their strong community roots and deep love for Jewish Omaha, they feel it's time to pass on the knowledge and leadership gained over 30+ years of involvement.

Jan and Howard believe strongly that Jewish Omaha belongs to the younger generation and their desire to connect the past to the future meant bringing back a community event favorite from the late 1980's - Campaign Cabaret. Described as a cross between a Broadway show and a Las Vegas nightclub act, Cabaret was a huge hit because it brought together community members - every age, every ability, every interest level - for a night of entertainment, socializing and laughter. This year's show features all Jewish music and talent. Kooper says it represents what we are all about - being Jewish and participating in the privilege of creating a strong, committed community.
A Note from Alan on "The Day After "
Earlier this week you received an email from the Jewish Federation of Omaha entitled "The Day After."  The intent of that piece was to give you a starting point to review the specifics of the White House deal with Iran.  We noted Congress has 60 days to review and vote on the agreement.  President Obama has said that he will veto if Congress does not support the deal.

With this email, I would like to share a few more thoughts and resources with you.  In the July 14th Washington Post, Dennis Ross wrote "The deal with Iran is finally done.  Given the stakes, it should be scrutinized.  It makes sense to reserve judgment and see how the administration explains all the clauses of the agreement and how they will be implemented."  In a conference call today with Federation leaders, Mr. Ross spoke of the good news and the bad news of the deal.  He highlighted critical points to be addressed by Congress and communicated to the White House.  Click here for the complete Washington Post article.  As stated in our first email, we will continue to update the community on the movement of this agreement.  During the coming weeks I will be invovled with national and international leaders and having conversations regarding this important issue.  I will continue to provide updates to you.  If you are interested in reading the 159 page agreement (I am halfway through it) I am open to your opinions.
This Week's Historic Agreement
Our collective strength as a community allows the JFO to be an advocate on behalf of Jews in Omaha, Israel and around the world. This role supports our mission to help sustain and ensure the continuity of the Jewish people.  The agreement reached this week between the P5+1 and Iran has implications for the Jewish world that cannot be underestimated. 
Many Jewish organizations, including the Jewish Federation of North America are publishing their concerns. Iran's support for Hezbollah and Hamas, its human rights violations and its aggressive threats towards neighboring countries - including Israel - make the specter of a nuclear-armed Iran untenable.
We distributed a briefing statement late Wednesday afternoon via email that we hope provides structure and substance to Jewish Omaha conversations taking place today and in the weeks ahead. If you missed it, click here and we'll forward a copy to you.
To preview a copy of the complete Joint Plan of Action posted by The Washington Post, click here.

During the next 60 days Congress has the opportunity to study and debate the merits of this agreement and vote to accept or reject it. We urge Congress to give this agreement its utmost scrutiny. We will monitor developments from a Jewish perspective and continue working towards the safety and security of the Jewish people.

Alan Potash

We encourage community members to make your opinions known to our elected officials. 
Women's Mission to Jewish Europe
So many Omaha teens participate on the popular trip, March of the Living, that community volunteer Kimberly Robinson wondered why there wasn't a similar tour for adults. Well, this year there is. The Women's Mission to Jewish Europe travels to Warsaw, Prague, Vienna and Budapest from October 27 - November 4.  Robinson is the Mission Chair and says, "When we learn new things and visit places that have real meaning in our shared history, and we do so together, we become a better community.  We are all in this together, but we have to actively work on maintaining that togetherness. This Women's Mission is one more element in that, and I hope many of our community members will decide to participate."
For more information contact Louri Sullivan 402-334-6485.
Rainy Dayz and Color Wars
Camp Competiton
"Oh no! Another rainy day at camp? What are we to do?" One can imagine Community Shaliach Eliad saying this in frustration and defeat as campers gathered in the Social Hall on a stormy morning. But within mere minutes, the room's atmosphere changed dramatically, when Eliad had the JCC campers following his lead in some classic Israeli fun and games.
Eye on Israel
Eye on Israel this week welcomed 2 guests via Skype, Pnina Agenyahu, who immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia at age 3 and a Chinese family from Toledo who made Aliyah on May 19. Both spoke about their immigrant experiences in Israel and answered questions from the audience.
Welcoming the Stranger and Faith-based Security: How to reconcile the two
Last month, Phil Malcom, campus and buildings operations director and Natalie Osborne RN, RBJH nurse manager, attended a Faith Based Readiness Workshop presented by FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security. While the JFO Security Team continues to implement its disaster preparedness plan for the Federation campus, Malcom and Osborne attended this most recent workshop to assess the feasibility of extending the Federation's assistance to our partner agencies and synagogues.  Read the latest on faith-based security measures here. 
Greek Jews' Financial Predicament
The Greek Jewish community is 5,000 strong, roughly the same in number as Omaha but facing vastly different economic circumstances.

Amid the turmoil and uncertainty gripping the country as its government verges on bankruptcy, the Greek Jewish community faces two main concerns: how to provide emergency assistance to Jews in need and how to ensure that Jewish institutions continue to function.

Athens Jewish School, center of the community.
As the Times of Israel reports,  Jewish families that arrived at the Athens Jewish Center last week were only given a portion of their July assistance in cash, with the balance in supermarket coupons.
You and Federation
Together with the  Jewish Federation of Omaha, you make our Jewish community more caring and connected. We've made a difference in the lives of so many - by providing for those in need, building Jewish identity, and celebrating Jewish life.
2016 Annual Campaign Community Kick-off
Campaign Cabaret 
Sunday, October 11 
Look for more information in this week's Jewish Press.

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