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What is the Jewish population of Omaha?

There are approximately 6,000 Jews in the Omaha area.

How many synagogues are there?

Omaha is home to three congregations: Temple Israel, reform; Beth El, conservative and Beth Israel, orthodox. We also have a Chabad House.

Is there a Jewish day school in Omaha?

Friedel Jewish Academy is a state-approved elementary school for Jewish children in grades K-6. Friedel's general studies curriculum is taught by state-certified teachers and Jewish studies curriculum is taught by qualified Jewish educators and respects the beliefs of all branches of Judaism. Friedel is a community day-school organized to teach an appreciation of both Jewish and American cultures.

Are there any kosher restaurants in Omaha?

The Vaad Hakashrut of the Jewish Federation of Omaha is committed to ensuring the availability of kosher establishments for the Omaha Jewish community.

Supervision currently includes:
  • Bagel Bin, 1215 South 119th Street, eat-in bagel store, tuna, egg salad, spreads
  • Rose Blumkin Jewish Home, 323 South 132nd Street, offers kosher catering at outside facilities.
  • Roberts Dairy Company, 2901 Cuming Street
  • Herman's Nut House and Pear's Coffee, 6171 Grover Street
  • Krispy Kreme, 2715 South 120 Street
  • Vaad-supervised kitchen is available at the JCC for catering kosher functions.
  • Leading supermarkets offer a wide selection of kosher products.

Is there a JCC?

Many of the services and programs sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Omaha are housed on our 37-acre campus, located three blocks south of Dodge on 132nd Street.

Newly renovated in 1999, the Jewish Community Center boasts a state-of-the-art fitness center, indoor and outdoor Olympic size swimming pools, dance programs, health spa, child care and activities for every member of the family.

When you see what we have to offer, you'll understand why it serves as the "Jewish neighborhood" for Omaha!

For more information and a tour, please contact the JCC Member Services Department at 402-334-6426 or

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