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Christina Caniglia-Nelson
RBJH Activities Coordinator
The Rose Blumkin Home celebrated Skilled Nursing Care. It was a week full of festivities that included staff and Residents, from May 13 through 17. This year’s national theme was “Live Soulfully.” We defined that as: What makes you happy and what makes you You? Throughout the week, we did activities that brought laughter, joy and insight into our lives.
On Monday the laundry and dietary staff hosted a Relay Race. Contestants had to fold laundry and pass out menus in record time to win; we were lucky nobody tripped as they ran around the auditorium! It’s imperative to listen to rules as the first place team defaulted since they did not high five the referee when finished. Executive Director Chris Ulven led his team into victory when he high-fived the referee.
Tuesday, the Activities department hosted a Talent Show featuring a variety of acts from Residents and staff. Resident Rose Rosenberg recited a beautiful poem and Activities Coordinator Jill Olman, read original poetry written by her grandmother, mother, and herself. The poems Jill read were lighthearted and delivered with ease. Shamia Hassan RN sang wonderful songs that impressed the crowd and Activities Director Maggie Conti did a fabulous karaoke to the Beatles’ When I’m 64!
The Talent Show got the heart pumping! Activities Coordinator Chrissy Nelson had a group of Residents working out to a Sitterize program.The Residents were great sports and  wore brightly colored sweat- and arm bands. The audience cheered and joined in with the Residents as they “climbed the ladder” and “squeezed their hands milking a cow” along with other fun aerobic exercises. The following tap dancers made a snappy debut: Leigh Chaves, Amber McIntosh, Melissa Whetzal-Yost and Jenn Tompkins-Kirshenbaum. These ladies decided to take up the challenge of the Talent Show,  purchased tap shoes and learned a routine in two weeks! Leigh Chaves, who is also a tap teacher got this group in tip-top shape. Leigh also gave a very exciting solo performance.
Wednesday, everything turned dirty when the kitchen showed up with the blender to host Fear Factor. Chef Mike Aparo and Food Service Supervisor Jackie Riemer came up with some whacky liquid combinations that had to be drunk quickly. The two fastest times received a $25 gift certificate to the Deli but was it worth it? You tell me. The blended concoctions (mixed with tea): sauerkraut and miracle whip, chocolate frosting and 1000 island dressing, Gefilte fish gel and pickled herring, and chopped liver and egg salad. ED Chris Ulven looked green in the gills just hearing the descriptions of the concoctions.
Contestants waited their turn with beads of sweat forming on their brow while others held their stomachs in anticipation of a gut ache. FYI, it was a full 10 oz. cup so imagine the FEAR contestants felt! Some contestants chugged the vile concoction with fever to beat the clock and other contestants dropped out as soon as the stench hit their nose. In the end we had two winners, Jen Stoneking RN at seven seconds and Lindsay James CNA at five seconds. Congratulations ladies, you were brave and made us laugh!
Thursday, the mood was set in the Rose Blumkin auditorium for “Mindfulness Mediation” by Teresa O’Halloran. The lights were dimmed low, candles gave a soft glow, and live plants around the perimeter along with aromatherapy gave a tranquil vibe. Residents and staff formed a huge circle and learned ways to become insightful of our bodies and minds. It was a relaxing treat to end our week.
Friday was back to business as usual; however, all staff were united by wearing an RBJH Soulful t-shirt with a lotus flower on the back. Staff was also given a stylish logo RBJH Bluetooth speaker as a thank you for all their hard work. A smiley staff picture was taken and that concluded a very special Skilled Nursing Care Week.
Thank you to Nurse Manager Natalie Osborne and her posse for the eventful week. Thank you for staff and residents who participated in the events and another thank you for residents, family, friends, and staff who came out to enjoy the events, you were a lively audience!
Until next year’s Skilled Nursing Week, Live joyfully, live Soulfully!