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The beauty of offering two seder options at Tifereth Israel is that a seder is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Tifereth Israel’s first seder is geared for individuals over the age of 13 who like a more traditional format of singing, reading, and discussing parts of the Hagaddah. The second seder is geared for families with children who want to be physically active while experiencing the message of the Hagaddah. The second seder, Escape from Egypt, will utilize lockboxes that can be accessed via codes related to Passover related questions. Each lockbox will harbor an activity that relates to the Passover story found in the Hagaddah.

Although there is no charge to those attending either seder, donations to the Lay-leader Discretionary Fund are welcomed to help defray the meal expenses. Both meals will be prepared in the Tifereth Israel kitchen which is being kashered for Pesach.

Reservations for both seders are due by April 1st. Registration can be completed by calling the Tifereth Israel office at 402-423-8569.