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Mary-Beth Muskin, ADL Regional Director

While it is deeply disturbing that an individual who worked for the Governor’s campaign and supervised several dozen people engaged is this odious online behavior.  Such hateful conduct is absolutely outrageous and unacceptable, particularly for someone working to reelect the State’s chief executive, who has a constitutional duty to treat all citizens equally.   ADL appreciates the Governor’s swift condemnation of these posts and believes that this incident is a teachable moment for Nebraska.  It should be the impetus for the Governor and legislature to enact legislation that protects all Nebraskans from bias-motivated conduct including, a measure to make our hate crime law comprehensive and a bill providing state-wide, anti-discrimination protections to all.  While Mr. Bressman issued an apology, it  misses the point.  His words matter whether or not he intended to act on them.  Such repeated, hateful rhetoric could be inspiration for discrimination or criminal acts by others.