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Ozzie Nogg
Their goal was to bake a minimum of 80 dozen cookies, but an intrepid group of Beth El volunteers recently turned out 121 dozen Hamantashen in under six hours.
“Most of us have been involved in this Purim project for many years,” said M’Lee Hasslinger who co-chaired the event with Abby Kutler. “This time around the energy and enthusiasm in the synagogue kitchen was truly amazing,” M’Lee said. “Beth El’s Catering Manager, Cedric Young, was a joy to work with. This was his first Hamantashen Bake-a-thon and he jumped right in with us. It was great fun.” For Cedric’s part, “I was proud to be part of greatness.”
“I’ve made Hamantashen at home before,” Abby Kutler added, “but this was my first Purim with the group at Beth El. We had a nice variety of seasoned pros and first-time bakers. I loved having different generations come together and share memories.”
The Hamantashen, filled with apricot, poppy, prune, cherry and raspberry, will be distributed to residents at the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home, Remington Heights and Sterling Ridge. “If we have any cookies left over, they’ll be for sale at the Beth El Purim Carnival on Sunday, March 17,” Hasslinger said.