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3.24.17 Issue

Herbert M. Berkowitz passed away March 14 at age 103 in Fort Myers, FL.

He was preceded in death by his wife, Nicole Berkowitz

He is survived by his nieces, Ronnie (William) Uebel of Peru, IL and Ruth Sang of Highland Park, IL, his nephew, George (Ilene) Sang of Glencoe, IL, and one great-nephew, Adam Bloom of Bellingham, WA.

Herb Berkowitz began working for Hinky Dinky at age 17 and remained a Hinky Dinky employee until his retirement, interrupted only by WWII when he served in the Army. After managing stores and serving as a supervisor for many years, Herb became a grocery buyer. Ultimately, he began assisting Jule Newman in buying and merchandising staple groceries.

In 1935, Hinky Dinky, for the first time, had a store which was losing money. It was located in downtown Council Bluffs on W. Broadway, the main street. Herb was a combination store auditor and supervisor, while attending Creighton University at night. Jule decided to reassign Herb to take over supervision, giving him full authority to do or change anything he wanted, including staff, merchandising, pricing, and, advertising. In three months time the W. Broadway Hinky Dinky became the leading store in the chain, in both volume and profits.

Memorials may be made to the Anti-Defamation League-Plains State Region, Jule M. Newman Anti-Discrimination Fund c/o Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation, 333 S. 132d. St., Omaha, NE 68154.