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Editor’s note: What follows is a first – person account of one community member’s experience with online hate. We’ve edited as little as possible so as not to dilute the story. That includes some inappropriate language on the part of the person who went after our writer. The author has requested to remain anonymous in this publication.


According to the seventy-year-old John P. Jones he likes the swastika symbol and has lots of swastika stuff. I take it that John Pierre also likes knives, as I have seen multiple pictures of them on his Facebook page. Another thing John P. Jones seems to like is the video on the “ethnic origins of communism and the greatest holocaust in the history of mankind” by the former Grand Wizard of KKK, David Duke. John P Jones posted this video in a public Facebook group, along with the comment that he will “leave it to those well versed in history (history, not Zionazi propaganda or fabricated and manipulated history) to critique what Dr. Duke says in this video.” I would guess that by “fabricated history” John P. Jones means the Holocaust, because I was told by a journalist that he saw a post or posts in which John Pierre denied the Holocaust. As I would like to be as accurate as possible in my statements, I would need to mention that I do not have a screenshot of the post in which Jones denied the Holocaust, but based on John Jones’s other statements and actions, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him do that.

Now that I have told you about some of the things John P. Jones appears to like, I have to mention some things he seems to dislike, or actually hate with a fanatical, blood curdling and vicious hatred. These things are the Jewish state and what he calls the “Zionazis”. According to the widely-accepted definition of anti-Semitism, drawing comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany is one of the modern manifestations of Jew hatred. Calling Zionists, or people who believe that the Jewish state has the right to exist, “Nazis” is a vile and grotesque display of Jew hatred, obscene libel and insult to historical truth and basic human decency. That latter one should not be of any concern to John P. Jones though, as I doubt he ever had a drop of human decency in him to start with.



I came across John Pierre Jones on a public Facebook page, where he was spreading outrageous, malicious, grotesque anti-Jewish (the code word “anti-Zionist” wouldn’t even cut it here, not that the anti-Zionism in and of itself wasn’t ant-Jewish) hate propaganda.

There was the dark red Octopus, labeled with the Star of David, wrapping its tentacles around the US capitol building, the symbol of the American government and power. Each tentacle was labeled with the name of a Jewish organization except for one that had SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) written on it. Then there was the racist caricature of an obese, bespectacled, sleazy woman with a disproportionately humongous nose, identified as Jewish by the star of David, in addition to the word Israel, on her T-shirt. The accompanying comment by John Pierre bemoaned the “congressional whores for kissing zionazi ass”. In case you were wondering where else you might have seen the octopuses labeled with Jewish stars and big nosed Jews controlling the world, it could have been on the images from “Der Stürmer”, the infamous Nazi anti-Jewish rag. In yet another post, John P. Jones threatened that “the world will learn who was behind 9/11.” On the image he shared under this comment, the Jewish stars next to the former Twin Towers leave no doubt as to whom John P. Jones accuses of having orchestrated the terrorist attacks on 9/11.



I had never seen a display of such horrid, foul Jew hatred. It seemed as if I was transported back in time to 1930s Germany and was looking at Der Stürmer, to whose publisher, the rabid Jew hater Julius Streicher, in my opinion, John Pierre Jones bears some striking similarities. I checked out John Pierre Jones’s Facebook page and was shocked to discover that this grotesque individual described himself as something like a “Jew from Tunisia, an Arab Jew and an anti-Zionist Jew.” I commented under one of his repugnant posts “here is another Jew-baiter who claims to be a Jew.” I blocked John Pierre Jones on Facebook so I wouldn’t have to see any more of his repulsive, obscene Jew hatred that made me sick to my stomach. As I learned a little later, this was not the end of my encounter with the malignant John Pierre Jones. A few months later I discovered that John Pierre Jones had made an anti-Jewish website, using my name as the domain name. Next to my name, John Pierre wrote the expletive “Zionist bitch” and also listed my Facebook id in the website description. The website, registered with GoDaddy, appears in Google.

The web page John P Jones registered using my unique name, spreads the modern anti-Jewish libel, as defined by various definitions of modern Jew hatred, equating Zionism and Nazism. Under the picture of what looks like soldiers with weapons, dressed in the Israeli-looking uniforms, participating in a violent altercation with some people, John P. Jones placed the caption “ZIONISM. DO UNTO OTHERS AS THE NAZIS DID TO YOU.”

John Pierre also uses my name to advertise a video on the “death of American democracy” accompanied by the allegation that “Bin Laden died of natural causes some time ago, and what we were told about him being responsible for the terrorist attacks on 9/11 is not true.”



Numerous attempts to get the registrant, Go Daddy, to remove the harassing anti-Jewish website did not yield any results. Evidently, harassment of a Jewish woman by a rabid hater is not in violation of this company’s terms of service. The utter depravity of the abuse John Pierre Jones has subjected me to and the manner in which he is doing it are peculiarly perverse. There is a uniquely parasitic, vermin-like aspect to John P Jones and his actions. He is using my identity to promote his horrendous beliefs, which are an anathema to everything I stand for. Equipped with modern technology, John P. Jones poisoned the life of this particular Jew by using my identity to promote ancient hatred, which I clearly oppose. With everything I did over the years, it seemed that the rancid stench of the malignant John Pierre Jones has been following me. I was always conscious of the fact that someone could just look me up and come across the obscene anti-Jewish hate that he is spreading, using my name. Like an infectious parasite, John Pierre Jones had crawled under my skin and tainted my life with his poisonous venom.


Among the many domain names that John P. Jones appears to have owned at some point in time, I discovered two other websites that were similar to the one he set up using my name. One of these websites, called has a particularly unsettling story associated with it. From what I gather, Brent Black was a jazz critic who chose to retract a review he gave to one of Jones’ acquaintances, to whom Mr. Black appears to refer as “the little Adolf”. According to the post by Mr. Black, he chose to retract the review following the complains from his Jewish readers. Mr. Black also mentioned reporting the individual he called “little Adolf” for abuse. In one of his other posts, which I saw, Mr. Black wrote about being targeted, despite the fact that it was evident from his Facebook page that he was terminally ill. Mr. Black has since passed away. I have a screenshot of the discussion in a public Facebook group where the BDS activists, John P Jones among them, discuss Mr. Black. Mr. Black had a website of his own, which he used to publish his reviews. I can only imagine the suffering it must have caused the terminally ill Mr. Black to know that merely searching for his name online would expose his readers to vile conspiracies and hatred, which he so clearly opposed.


If I told you that this harassment has been going on for a long time, you might wonder as to why I am going public about it now. I have to tell you that I feel scared and worried about my safety and the safety of my family. John Jones’ viciousness, his professed fondness for swastikas , his numerous pictures of knives, his Facebook friendship with an individual that had the flag of the terrorist organization Hezbollah as his profile picture, all these things make me feel very unsafe.  I’ve gathered my strength and decided to speak up about the abuse I have been enduring because sometimes we have to surmount our fears to stand up for causes that are greater than ourselves. I am speaking up for the following reasons:

1) The harassment has gone long enough where it is clear that there is no respite, no change of heart and no smoldering of the raging fire of John Jones’ fanatical hatred.

2) The utter depravity of targeting a terminally ill man and harassing a Jewish woman by using my identity to spread grotesque anti-Jewish libel, equating the Jewish movement for self-determination or Zionism with the genocidal Nazism and the 9/11 conspiracy.

3) The hypocrisy and maliciousness of the anti-Israel movement, that positions itself as a human rights movement, while so many of its members engage in slander, bullying and attacks on Israel’s right to exist. And who could be a better symbol of such hypocrisy, maliciousness and fanatical hatred that John Pierre Jones, who collects Swastika memorabilia and spreads Nazi style anti-Jewish smears.



I am all for free speech, however, there is a fundamental, intrinsic difference between free speech on one hand and harassment, bullying and parasitism on the other.  It would be one thing if John Pierre Jones had set up a website in his own name, used it to criticize my views and spread his heinous version of the world events and history. That would amount to him exercising his right to free speech. What John Pierre Jones of Venice, California is doing, is spreading anti-Jewish libel using my identity. Just like a parasite that uses a person’s cellular machinery to procreate, infecting the host in the process.