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11.11.16 Issue

Tracy Modra, Director Member Services, JCC

You love sushi. You devour it any chance you have; and for quite a while now, you have been planning to learn how to make it. You even have one of those sushi mats, sitting in a kitchen drawer, patiently waiting for the day you will pull it out of obscurity to whip up a spicy tuna roll. Some day, right?

Guess what: that day is closer than you think. On Thursday, Dec. 8, 5-7 p.m., the Jewish Community Center, in collaboration with chef Chu KIm from Kona Grill, will offer a class on sushi preparation in the JCC Social Hall.

The Sushi class is part of the Jewish Community Center’s adult engagement programming, initiated by the JCC Board of Directors’ Adult Programming Committee. This Committee aims to offer unique and engaging opportunities to adults. Engagement at the JCC goes beyond the treadmill, because healthy living comes in all forms.

Most people assume sushi is Japanese in origin, which is only partially true. In fact, the food that developed into sushi began in Southeast Asia. Sour rice was wrapped around fermented fish (yum!) and this food was enjoyed in China. The modern style of sushi was invented in Japan in the 8th century. The word ‘sushi’ refers to the combination of vinegar, sugar, salt and rice that is used for wrapping the fish. Fish which, by the way, tastes best when it is not exactly fresh. Fun fact: “It is traditional to eat sushi with one’s fingers, not chopsticks. However, it is appropriate to eat sashimi, which is slices of raw fish, with chopsticks. Sushi should be eaten immediately and usually in one or two bites.” (

A menu to include an assortment of sushi rolls(including a dessert sushi roll), cucumber salad, tuna wonton crisps, and a tuna flatbread will be served during the class; afterwards you will of course want to eat your own creation, all with some special Fuji Apple sake on the side.

Cost of the class is $35 for JCC members and $40 for non-members, 21 years and older; this includes all ingredients. Food offered during this class is not certified kosher, but no shellfish will be included. Register today on-line at, over the phone with Laura Wine at  402.334.6419, or in person at the Member Services Desk.  For more information, contact Tracy Modra at 402.334.6427