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8.12.16 Issue

Annette van de Kamp-Wright, Editor of the Jewish Press

Kehilla is Hebrew for “community.” It’s an appropriate name given to the Kehilla cup that is, for the second year in a row, up for grabs. During the 2016 Annual Campaign, the first Kehilla Cup was awarded to Team Kutler, and we are lucky that for the next campaign, Adam and Abby Kutler have agreed to take the lead.

Here’s what’s happening between Aug. 31 and Nov. 30:

Each Team will “draft”/recommend and/or be assigned 40 pledge cards to be divided amongt their teammates at a DRAFT PARTY at DJ’s Dugout 114th and Dodge on Wednesday, Aug. 24 at 6 p.m. The 8 to10 Team Captains will recruit and solicit about 8 to 10 team members each. All Team Captains and players will attend a “Kehillah Cup Competition Kickoff” that will take place Wednesday, Aug. 31. The competition will be based on a point system awarded for a variety of activities, and there will be bonus point incentives for early successes on Aug. 31 and during the month of September.

Want to motivate a crowd to action? Try a little friendly competition.

Chief Development Officer Steve Levinger explains: “The Cup will unite and inspire our own Omaha Jewish community via a friendly team competition where participants connect with fellow Jews, learn of their Jewish interests, educate on our Federation mission and, ultimately, secure 2017 Campaign pledges.”

Prior to the official “Kick-off” on Aug. 31, captains will be assembling their teams. They will be scouting for dedication, charm, salesmanship and sense of humor. Levinger says friends, spouses and relatives are all “fair game”. “If you want to participate and get drafted by any of our outstanding captains, please let me know!”

Federation staff will provide support, logistics and training along the way,” Levinger says. “We’re planning a great season of fun, engagement and community spirit.”

During the Aug. 31 event, teams will learn the rules of the Kehilla Cup, followed by a solicitation training session, so everyone is fully prepared for competition. Of course, competition is no fun without prizes, the most coveted of which is the Kehilla Cup! Teams will want bragging rights to having their names engraved on the Cup. Teams will learn all about Kehilla Cup scoring. Points are generated by team members and the donor engagement they undertake. New gifts, increased gifts, face-to-face solicitations and completed donor cards – these are just some of the points categories teams will work with.

Levinger has even planned for team bonus points. Teams that establish a name or theme prior to the Aug. 24 Kick-off will earn 100 extra points and teams that arrive on the 31st in “team spirit wear” also earn an extra 100 points. Think special t-shirts, hats, wigs, or anything that shows your team spirit.

“We feel strongly that the team concept builds relationships and friendships among the solicitors and helps create fun and goodwill among donors. Its win-win,” Levinger added.