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7.22.16 Issue

Rachel Martin, BBYO/Teen Director

One very dedicated Omaha BBYO member chose to spend 12 days of his 2016 summer break gaining knowledge, insight and nearly 100 new friendships at BBYO’s Chapter Leadership Training Conference (CLTC).

Max Kohll, Aleph Mazkir of Omaha Council, returned from B’nai B’rith Beber Camp in Mukwonago, Wisconsin, with a take-charge attitude and fresh recruitment, programming, and leadership ideas to implement into Omaha’s BBYO Council.

“At CLTC I was taught how to be a leader in a way that was different from how I’ve ever been taught before. It was so engaging that it made a group of 97 people become the closest group of people you will ever see. It was incredible and it’s been so overwhelming coming home and having people always asking, ‘How was it?’ It’s so hard to put into words how life changing it was, you’d truly have to join BBYO and experience it yourself one summer.

As I learned, I became motivated due to the fact that I was connecting with BBYO teens around the world. They were telling me about their chapters and councils and stuff they do that really works, and I thoght that Omaha could be incorporating some of these program ideas and new member ideas, etc. I learned the most from the friends I made there and what they do back at home. I can’t wait to try to put some of this stuff into action in Omaha. Expect great things for Omaha BBYO in the coming years.

Last but not least, there were the life-long friendships I made with kids from all over. These teens have become some of my best friends in the span of 12 days. It was sad to depart CLTC, but I know I will see them all again many times in the coming years. It was incredible and it’s for sure something to attend someday if you’re a Jewish teen. BBYO is an amazing place, and as soon as your bar/bat mitzvah is over you should be figuring out how you can join this amazing movement of nearly 20,000 Jewish teens around the world. CLTC has shown me how great it is to be in BBYO, and I don’t think any Jewish teen should miss out on this opportunity.”