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7.15.16 Issue

Annette van de Kamp-Wright, Editor of the Jewish Press

It’s the big question that gets asked every year before the Jewish Federation of Omaha starts its Annual Campaign, and this year is no different: Who are our Campaign Chairs? Which lay leaders are ready to step up and lead the way?

The Jewish Federation of Omaha’s Annual Campaign kicks off on Sept. 1, 2016, and the Campaign Team is delighted to announce that Jaime and Brian Nogg have agreed to take the helm.

To Brian, that means making time for our community:

“We want to make positive changes in regards to the Annual Campaign process and donor engagement. We also want to inspire our generation to become involved and excited!”

Both Jaime and Brian are happy to do this together, as a couple. “We want to show our children an example of community effort and commitment,” they say. “As a couple, it is easier to stretch the message to both our peers and to our combined connections in the community.”

Pictured clockwise from the bottom left: Cory, Brian, Jaime, Jordan and Taylor Nogg.

Pictured clockwise from the bottom left: Cory, Brian, Jaime, Jordan and Taylor Nogg.

Jaime Nogg is the daughter of Judy and Craig Goldford and grew up in St. Louis. She has one brother, Jeffrey. Brian is the son of Patty and Steve Nogg and has a twin brother Jeff and a sister, Annie. Jaime and Brian have three sons: Jordan, 10, Cory, 7 and Taylor, 5.

Patty and Steve have some experience chairing a Campaign, so it was easy for Jaime and Brian to find helpful advice close to home:

“They mentioned to focus on a few initiatives that we believe are important,” Brian says, “and to try and get our generation and younger involved. They also told us the more volunteers we can work with, the better. Patty specifically suggested finding ways to have younger community members mentored by the older generation.”

Jaime and Brian are aware there is a big difference between being a donor and actually chairing the entire Campaign. They know what they are signing up for:

“You really find out why others love this community,” Jaime says. “We know why we ourselves, donate every year, and why we love it. We love the closeness. It is easy to participate, get involved and really make a difference. In addition, there are opportunities for everyone, from our preschoolers to our seniors. Just think of the CDC, Summer Camp, trips to Israel, all the programming at the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.” She adds, “Through this process we can learn about what that looks like for others, what they care about, and help donors better understand why we all give to the Campaign and how their donation is put to work.”

It speaks to the strength and dedication of this community that year after year, lay leaders like Jaime and Brian step up and donate their time and effort. In doing so, they join a long list of Campaign Chairs who have paved the way. In turn, the Noggs are role modeling to their children what it means to get involved.

“Jordan, Cory and Taylor will watch us as we actively make time to raise money for our community,” they say. “We will give them examples focusing on the things they are most familiar with, like the Kids Campaign and community parties such as the ones for Purim and Hanukkah. They also know what it means to visit friends and relatives in the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home, and various JCC sports programs. Talking about how Campaign benefits the programs they know and love will make it real for them.”

Alan Potash, Jewish Federation of Omaha CEO: “Brian and Jaime’s passion for sustaining our Jewish community is wonderful to experience firsthand. It is exciting to see the next generation join in and accept important roles and responsibilities to further our mission.”

Steve Levinger, Federation Chief Development Officer, was thrilled when Bruce Friedlander, JFO Board President, shared the news that Brian and Jaime Nogg had agreed to serve as the 2017 Annual Campaign Chairs. “Our Campaign theme is, ‘For Every Generation… Federation’ and I would be hard pressed to come up with another couple who better represents the spirit of our focus at the JFO. The Nogg family have been leaders in Jewish Omaha for multiple generations, and it’s wonderful to see Brian, Jaime, and their sons emerging to share their passion and creativity!

“We all know that the need to provide relevance to the next generations of Omaha Jews is priority one. As the central gateway to Jewish Omaha, it is essential that the Federation meets and exceeds the wants and needs of our younger community, and we need to do a better job of ensuring there is an understanding of ‘why Federation’. In other words, why is it that our Federation’s agencies work is essential to sustaining a strong Jewish Omaha? We need to answer that question and the Noggs are in a position to help in this regard.”