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3.4.16 Issue

by Ozzie Nogg

The Denver Broncos bested the Carolina Panthers in the 2016 Super Bowl, but Star Deli at the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home is still in the game. They’ll hold their Second Annual Souper Bowl on Tuesday, March 15, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the RBJH Auditorium.

“Just like last year, this dinner will be quirky, wacky and fun,” said Mike Aparo, Director of Food Services at the Blumkin Home. “We’ll set up buffet tables on Main Street with servers dishing out 16 different soups. And there will be plenty of options — traditional Matzoh Ball with Chicken, Mushroom Barley, Potato Leek Soup — plus Lentil Quinoa Kale Soup, Caribbean Black Bean Soup and Mango Gazpacho as well as several surprise soups that I’m still developing. The Souper Bowl salad bar will also be featured on March 15, with healthy salad choices and lots of toppings including grilled chicken. We now offer the salad bar every day in our RBJH dining rooms, and the residents really appreciate this new menu item.”

Colin Heskin, Rose Blumkin Jewish Home Operations Intern, and Jenn Addison, RBJH Food Services Supervisor, are helping Aparo with Souper Bowl arrangements. “You can sample each soup, run back for more, and then vote for your favorite,” Addison said. “Once everyone has gotten their fill and all the votes are in, we’ll announce the Second Annual Souper Bowl Champion.”

The Souper Bowl was originally designed with RBJH residents and their families in mind, but this year the entire community is invited to join the fun. The cost is $12.99 per guest and $6.99 for children 12 and under. The hours were extended to accommodate as many people as possible. “ESPN won’t be carrying the event,” Heskins said. “So don’t fumble this opportunity or sit on the sidelines. If you want some hot soup in your belly along with some good laughs, you’ll have to show up in person at the Blumkin Home on Tuesday, March 15.