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10.30.15 Issue

by Mark Kirchhoff , Administrative Assistant, Center for Jewish Life

The 2015 Global Day of Jewish Learning, presented by the Center for Jewish Life and sponsored by the Klutznick Chair of Creighton University, will be held Sunday, Nov 15 beginning at 1 p.m. at the Jewish Community Center. This year’s theme, Love: Devotion, Desire and Deception, will be the focus of the keynote address and the afternoon breakout sessions.

The Global Day keynote address will be given by Dr. Ron Wolfson talking about his latest book, The Best Boy in the United States of America: A Memoir of Blessings and Kisses (Jewish Lights Publishing). When told the Global Day theme, he commented that it fits perfectly with the book, which he describes as being about the power of family love to shape identity and memories.

“I was raised in the amazing Jewish community of Omaha, and many of the stories in my new book are a love note to the people who make Omaha the best Jewish community in the United States of America,” Ron said. “I’ve taught all over the world and there is no place like Nebraska, so it will be a very special pleasure to share memories of growing up here with friends and family.”

Dr. Wolfson is the author of several books, including the widely acclaimed, God’s To-Do List: 103 Ways to Be an Angel and Do God’s Work on Earth and Relational Judaism: Using the Power of Relationships to Transform the Jewish Community (Jewish Lights Publishing). He is known as a visionary leader of American Jewry and an inspirational speaker on spirituality and Jewish life. He travels the world telling his true stories to audiences in synagogues, churches and community organizations. He is the Fingerhut Professor of Education at American Jewish University, president of the Kripke Institute and author of many books on Jewish living. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Susie.

The afternoon will begin with a welcome and introductions by Dr. Leonard Greenspoon, the Klutznick Chair for Jewish Civilization at Creighton University, chair for this year’s Global Day event. “All Jewish learning is exciting and valuable” reports Greenspoon. “It is even more so on this Global Day of Learning when we join together with Jews from throughout the world to study and learn from each other. It is as if the whole world becomes our classroom, a particularly appropriate image, as we keep in mind that ‘love’ — which is sometimes spoken of as the power that makes the world go round — is the topic.”

Following the keynote, the afternoon will continue with several sessions by various local presenters including Dr. Moshe Gershovich, Dr, Halla Kim, Dr. Leonard Greenspoon, Dr. Curtis Hutt, Eliad Eliyahu Ben Shushan and Marty Shukert. Sessions will be detailed in next week’s Jewish Press.

The Global Day of Jewish Learning brings the Jewish people together to celebrate Jewish texts through community based learning. Global Day was conceived to further the call of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, teacher, philosopher, social critic and prolific author of Let my People Know. The guiding values of the Global Day of Jewish Learning are fostering Jewish unity, empowering individuals through increased Jewish knowledge, and creating meaningful shared experiences. More than 500 communities worldwide will participate in this year’s event and will be the largest Jewish unity event ever to take place, spanning 40 countries on six continents. The Aleph Society, founded in 1988, is the parent organization of the Global Day of Jewish Learning.

The Global Day of Jewish Learning is promoted by the Center for Jewish Life, whose mission it is to maximize involvement of Omaha’s Jewish community in imaginative, compelling and meaningful Jewish experiences. For more information, please call 402.334.6463