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5.8.15 Issue

by Annette van de Kamp-Wright, Jewish Press Editor

Rabbi Aryeh Azriel and his wife Elyce, together with Anne Shackman, will travel to Israel from Oct. 18 through 28, 2015, and they invite you to come with them. The itinerary is spectacular, and includes must-see destinations for both those who have been to Israel repeatedly, and first-time travelers. The trip is open to the entire community.

Iris Ricks and Jan Goldstein, who organized the trip through Amiel, have put together a schedule that includes visits to the Partnership, and give participants a chance to see first-hand how Omaha is connected to the region.

Travelers will arrive at Ben Gurion Airport on Monday, Oct. 19, and go north to visit Independence Hall, where David Ben Gurion declared Israel’s independence. Then it is on to Nahariya, where you will check into your hotel and enjoy a welcome dinner with the Partnership.

View of the Kotel, Jerusalem

View of the Kotel, Jerusalem

Also included are visits to the Western Galilee Underground Hospital, where you will go on a tour and see some of the hospital’s emergency procedures, the Iscar Plant, and Safed. You’ll visit Kibbutz Malkiya, located near the Lebanon border, have the opportunity to meet with IDF soldiers, and plant a tree. Another highlight of the trip is the Agamon Halula, a nature and bird watching park located in the Galilee.

Before heading to Jerusalem, you will head to Mitzpe Gadot, which until the 1967 war served as a Syrian base, and the Helicopter Crash Memorial, which consists of 73 large stone structures, representing the IDF soldiers who were killed in 1997 when two helicopters collided on their way to Southern Lebanon.

In Jerusalem, Yad Vashem as well as the Knesset are on the schedule, and a tour of the Machane Yehuda market. Enter the old city, and walk to the Kotel for a Shabbat evening service, followed by dinner at the home of a local.

There is much more; if you’d like to see the full itinerary, or for additional information, please contact Iris Ricks at 402.917.5269 or Jan Goldstein at 402.319.1514.

The total cost of the trip will be $3,297 (Land only) and is based on double occupancy. A single occupancy supplement will be available for $1,108. Airfare is $1,650.46; a deposit of $500 will be due by May 31.