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12.26.14 Issue

by Becky Brenner, NCJW Omaha Section, VP of Public Affairs and Education

As we begin 2015, the Omaha Section of NCJW will present the first in our series of pertinent and thought provoking discussions on issues that impact our families and our community. NCJW Omaha Section is proud to begin our series in collaboration with Courts Matter Coalition in Nebraska (CMCN). This is an organization sponsored by National NCJW and with members from various organizations focused on education and encouraging action regarding the importance of our judicial system and its impact on the direction of our legislative process. As the Congress ends its session in Washington, we are poised to enter the 114th session in January, with vacancies in our judicial system that will impact our ability to draft laws, protect our constitutional rights, and ensure fair and equitable access to the court system. We recognize that Federal judges hear cases that directly affect the lives of everyday Americans, including cases addressing clean air and water, immigration, bankruptcy, LGBT equality and violations of the Constitution and federal law. The judiciary needs to be staffed in order to make sure that justice is served in a timely manner.

This isn’t about politics; it’s about good governance.

Courts Matter and so do judges. Federal judges are nominated by the President, reviewed by the Senate Judiciary Committee and then confirmed by the Senate to lifetime seats on the federal bench. The decisions these judges make will then have enormous impact on the daily lives of all Americans. As the backbone of our judicial system, federal courts decide issues of health care, employment, the environment, voting rights, and separation of church and state; these courts are where citizens go to defend their constitutional rights.

While the Supreme Court is the highest court in the U.S., in any given term they will hear just one to two percent of the cases submitted to them, while the federal courts below them will be the final stop for thousands of Americans seeking justice.

Please join us at our Wine and Conversation event Jan. 8, 2015 from 7-8:30 p.m. at Temple Israel and hear Carol Bloch, co-chair of Courts Matter Coalition in Nebraska, as well as Lisa Lewis, coalition representative from NCJW, speak about the structure of our Federal Court System and Why Federal Courts Matter.

If you would like more information on our event or have recommendations for future topics, please contact Becki Brenner, NCJW Omaha Section, VP of Public Affairs and Education at