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11.28.14 Issue

by Ozzie Nogg

As far back as 1951, National Council of Jewish Women listed service to and care of the elderly as a priority, and Omaha Section of NCJW continues to keep that commitment to the residents of the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home. Their latest gift to the RBJH is a Subaru Forester which will replace a Ford Escape that developed transmission problems.

“The Subaru’s features are perfect for us,” said Josh Gurock, Director of Operations at the Blumkin Home. “The interior is spacious and easy to maintain, the seats are comfortable and offer great leg room, plus the gas mileage is terrific. The Subaru sits lower to the ground, too, which makes access much easier for the Residents. Besides using the Subaru for Resident transport, we’ll also use it to deliver Meals on Wheels, since the cargo space is very generous. This vehicle is a winner all around, and we thank NCJW Omaha Section for their continued generosity to Blumkin Home residents and staff.”

Monies to underwrite the SUV were provided by Council Tribute Card Funds. Between 1989 and 2010, Omaha Section NCJW Tribute Cards raised upwards of two hundred thousand dollars to provide much-needed equipment for the Home. The gifts, chosen from a wish-list put together by RBJH administration and staff, have included a wheelchair accessible van, large TVs and cable TV service, ceiling fans, patient lifts, a portable phone system for the nursing staff, a mini-bus, defibrillator and a two-burner induction cart given in memory of David Meyers by his family and friends.

Holly Weill, current NCJW Omaha Section President, said, “It’s very exciting that NCJW Omaha Section was again able to donate a much needed vehicle to the Home.” Beth Friedman, former Section President and current Treasurer, added, “I’m thrilled that the leadership decided on the Forester since it completely satisfies the needs of the population, is easier and cheaper to drive than a full-sized SUV, and is the most efficient use of the Tribute Card donations that Omaha Section receives to support the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home.”

The Omaha Section NCJW roster lists four Tribute Card chairmen — Beth Brodkey, Debbie Friedman, Lois (Buck) Friedman and Sue Meyers. “All our gifts to the Home are paid for by donations to the NCJW Project Fund for the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home,” Lois Friedman explained. “This is a restricted fund, and no monies are taken out of the Council treasury. The NCJW Project Fund for the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home also contributed to the Blumkin Home Endowment Fund and donated to the RBJH remodeling project. I’ve only been doing this for almost forty years,” she quipped, “and I’m thrilled that Council is able to help the Home on a continual basis.” Lois Friedman and Sue Meyers are considered the ‘matriarchs’ of Tribute Card Funds, since both women, according to Meyers, “have been handling the Funds forever. We’re already thinking about our next gift to the Home.”