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5.30.14 Issue

by NCJW-Omaha Section Awards Committee

The Omaha Section of the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) will install the 2014-2015 slate of officers on Sunday, June 8 at 3 p.m. with an afternoon tea at the home of Becki Brenner (6141 Florence Blvd).

Officers to be installed include: President: Holly Weill; Vice President of Community Service: Sonia Tipp; Vice President of Fundraising: Roxanne Kahn; Vice President of Public Affairs and Education: Becki Brenner; Vice President of Public Relations: Alice Klein; Treasurer: Beth Dworkin; Corresponding Secretary: Angela Friedman; Financial Secretary: Patty Nogg; Recording Secretary: Cheryl Lerner; Parliamentarian: Lisa Lewis; Directors: Jill Simon, Sarah Spooner, Kelly Kirk, Julie Martin, Lori Kooper-Schwarz and Tina Meyers; and Nominating Chair: Debbie Friedman.

Alice Klein, Julie Martin, Jan Fischer and Sandy Nogg will also be presented with NCJW awards at the June 8 event. Alice Klein will receive the NCJW Award for Emerging Section Leader, in recognition of her potential for assuming future leadership and as someone who understands and supports the NCJW purpose and programs as well as demonstrating commitment to the Omaha Section.

Alice Klein

Alice Klein

Alice Klein was born and grew up in New York. As a teenager she moved to California. She became a volunteer at an early age: as a candy striper in both New York and California, tutoring reading to elementary school children, and then campaigning for forward-thinking candidates in California.

Alice received her BA in Mathematics and MS in Electrical Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She married and raised her three children in California. Alice entered the new computer world in 1970 as a programmer aide receiving the lower salary as women engineers did then, and, sadly, still do now. After moving to San Diego in 1986 she advanced to Software Engineering Manager, transferred to Nebraska, and retired in 2004. Alice prided herself in ensuring that in her group of 100 engineers, her female and minority engineers’ compensation was comparable to and often higher than her male engineers.

After a few years in Nebraska and volunteering for various organizations, she learned about NCJW. It was just what she was looking for. In the three years she has been an NCJW member, she has taken on writing the bulletin, maintaining the Omaha Section website, and leading the RAFT (Resources Available For Teens) update. She has been the Vice President of Public Relations for the last two years.

Alice volunteers for as much as she can within NCJW: the Chocolate Festival, Bylaws committee, joining the Jackson School student supplies presentation, writing letters to her representatives and the World Herald, and more.

Jan Fischer and Julie Martin will be honored with this year’s Distinguished Service Award. This award, which is a special award of Omaha Section, recognizes NCJW members who have demonstrated outstanding years of service and have shown loyalty, commitment and dedication to the Section with an overall awareness of NCJW while volunteering with a willingness to work at any level.

Jan Fischer

Jan Fischer

Jan Fischer has been a NCJW life member since she joined the Section in 1975 when she and her family moved back to Omaha. Jan is married to Steve Fischer (47 years) and has two children,

Melinda Graham and Jon Fischer, and five grandchildren. Jan retired from the Millard school district in 2008 after a 25-year teaching career specializing in English and Drama. She was the first recipient of the Sokolof Outstanding Teacher Award in 2006.

Jan originally served NCJW as Recording Secretary in 1978-79, and since her retirement from teaching, she has served as Fundraising Vice President and was Omaha Section President from 2011-13. She is currently serving as Immediate Past President. Her other NCJW accomplishments include: working to get RAFT (Resources Available For Teens) on-line, re-emphasizing NCJW’s public affairs efforts, working on the Directory for several years, and serving as co-chair and then as chairperson for NCJW’s Great Omaha Chocolate Festival. Jan has also been active in NCCV and NJHS. Serving the Jewish community is very important to Jan at any and all levels!

Julie Martin

Julie Martin

Julie Martin personifies loyalty, commitment, and dedication to the Omaha Section. She is married to Mark and has two children, David (28) and Rachel (23). Julie is also Vice President of Micklin Lumber Company.

Julie has been a life member of NCJW since 2005 and was the recipient of the Emerging Leader award in 1997. She has fulfilled the honor of that award by serving in many different Board roles in years past including Director, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Financial Secretary. She has been elected to serve on the 2014-15 board again as a Director.

In addition to serving on the board, Julie has chaired committees such as Mini Grants and Reading Pups. Julie recently received an award from Domesti-Pups honoring her for her dedication to Reading Pups and improving the reading skills of children who participate in the program. She has also served on the Nominating Committee numerous times and has been active with the Consignment Sales and Marcus Theater fundraisers, delivered dictionaries for Dictionary Day, and participated in the Jackson School backpack project. No matter what the job is, Julie has always been available.

Sandy Nogg

Sandy Nogg

Sandy Nogg will be honored with the Hannah G. Solomon Award. This National NCJW award is presented to an individual who has changed the lives of others through leadership efforts and service; who has helped to change and expand the role of women and men in vital areas of community life; and whose leadership in areas of NCJW concern – improving the quality of life for people of all ages and backgrounds – has motivated others to fight for change and has resulted in progress and enlightenment in the community.

Sandy has been working to improve the lives of others in our community practically her entire life.  Her list of volunteer and community services shows how committed she is to fighting for change and how worthy she is of receiving the Hannah G. Solomon Award.

Sandy became a member of Temple Israel’s Sisterhood in 1974 and has been an active volunteer and chaired various projects. She served as Sisterhood President from 1984-86 and has been running the Temple Gift Shop since 1990. In 1992, she received the Yad V’Lev (Heart and Hand) Award from Temple’s Sisterhood and in 1995 Temple Israel honored her again with the Harriet Sperling Caring Award.  Sandy is also a life member of Hadassah where she volunteered at the HIES Fundraiser from 1981-89 and chaired the project in 1983.

Other community organizations for which Sandy has volunteered include: Women’s American ORT where she was a gift wrap volunteer (1984-2004); Junior League of Omaha as a volunteer and chair of various projects (1978-2005); Bureau for the Aging where she was a board member  (1980-86); Omaha Symphony Showcase (1981-94); Clarkson Fashion  Production (1979-94); room mother at both Loveland and Sunset Schools (1975-89); volunteer and team leader for membership sales for the Henry Doorly Zoo (1982-2002), and a member of Loveland Garden Club (1984-2014), where she was President in 1993-94.

Sandy was honored by several of these organizations for her services, including Outstanding Volunteer of the Year for the Bureau for the Aging (1982); Junior League of Omaha Hall of Fame in 2004; and the Jewish Federation of Omaha has honored Sandy with the Lois Jean Schrager Young Leadership Award in 1982 and with the Jody and Neal Malashock Award for Professional Excellence in 2014.

In 1975, Sandy became a life member of NCJW. Sandy’s pet NCJW project was in helping with the NCJW’s Thrift Shop, a long-time fundraiser at which she volunteered from 1979 through 1998 and was the chair from 1983 to 1996. Sandy was honored with the NCJW Distinguished Service award in 1991.

Sandy is married to Alan Nogg. She has a son, Philip Bahar who is married to Keri Saltzman, and has three grandchildren. Her daughter, the late Courtney Nogg, was the 300th life member of the Omaha Section.

NCJW’s Installation and Awards Event is open to all, so please come help us celebrate the accomplishments of our Award winners and install our 2014/15 officers on June 8 at the home of Becki Brenner at 6141 Florence Blvd. If you plan to attend, please RSVP with number of attendees to by June 1.