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2.28.14 Issue

by Ron Azoulay

On Tuesday, April 1 from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m., Dr. Nesenoff will be at the Chabad Center, 1866 S 120th St., as part of a Midwest speaking tour. He will share his experiences with the Omaha community during a reception followed by a talk.

In 2010, Dr. Nesenoff, his son and a friend, Adam and Daniel, were taking part in the Annual Jewish Heritage celebration, hosted by the President at the White House. The high school boys were documenting the events for their Jewish teen Web site and Dr. Nesenoff was interviewing people about Israel for a feature on his web site,

What followed was a national and international media storm surrounding the Washington press corps’ Helen Thomas, who for most of the past 60 years has covered every president since Eisenhower. Nesenoff said the experience has made him more aware of an anti-Semitic voice in the United States. “I don’t know if it’s mainstream, but I know there’s a stream,” he said. The interview and its aftermath also caused a striking effect on Israel, international media, anti-Semitism and personally transformed the life of Dr. Nesenoff.

Dr. David Nesenoff is a rabbi, publisher, journalist, author, musician and filmmaker. He received his formal education from Yeshiva University, Hebrew University and The Jewish Theological Seminary where he received his Masters, Ordination and Doctorate. He was an anti-bias consultant for the U. S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Monitors Office. For several years, the rabbi ran educational programs throughout Long Island, including court-mandated sessions for teen-agers convicted of bias offenses.

In the late 90’s, Dr. Nesenoff obtained partial financing for a film project from the New York State Division of Youth, which stipulated that the film would be available for use in New York schools. Rabbi Nesenoff and his wife, Nancy, wrote the script for Moving Day, a 16-minute, black-and-white short that has been screened by numerous venues including the Sundance Film Festival. Dr. Nesenoff stated that, ‘’through film, I can reach many more people. Creativity and entertainment are the keys to education and resolution.’’

Today, Dr. Nesenoff travels the globe delivering a highly sought after message about Israel, anti-Semitism and life lessons.

This event is free and open to the community. We look forward to seeing you!

For further information, please contact Chani Katzman – Chabad Center at 402.330.1800 or Ron Azoulay – Khamsa Group, LLC at 646.701.3076.