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by Edgar Asher

For the 20,000 participants in the 2013 Jerusalem Marathon the weather could not have been better.  Dry and cool conditions enabled many of the participants to run the course in record times.  Almost two thousand runners came from some fifty-two countries to participate in the various races.


The Jerusalem Marathon is really five races that are run between seven in the morning and 10.45 am over different courses.  The main event the 43km marathon was won by Abraham Kabeto Ketla from Ethiopa in the men’s race and Mihiret Anamo Anotonios, also from Ethiopia, in the women’s race.  Ketla, in a time of 2:16:29.25 and Anotonios in a time 2:47:26.40 also walked away with a cool $10,000 each – $5,000 for winning and another $5,000 for beating the course record.


At 8.30 the half marathon (21 Kms) was run and at 10.30 the 10 km race was sent off.   At 10.45 there was a modest romp of 4.2 kms for those who just wanted the good feeling of taking part in a mass running event.  Running has become a very popular activity with Israelis. A short time later there was an 800 meter charity fund raising event ‘Racing for Cause’.  All these events were watched by thousands of people.