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12.21.12 Issue

by Bob Goldberg, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Jewish Federation of Omaha

Lay and professional leaders in our community are working hard to achieve a 2013 Annual Campaign goal of 200 new gifts. We are introducing as many new donors as we can to the readers of the Jewish Press in the hope that their

Andrew Boehm

inspiration and motivation to support the Annual Campaign inspires others to do the same.

            Why donate to the 2013 Campaign? Why now?

The time is right for me to contribute. I have invested time and energy the last few years so the triangle is complete now that I’m a donor. Time, energy and money makes it complete. The JCC has given me a lot over the last five years; most importantly, the CDC education for my daughter, Juliette. Now she is older and really enjoyed summer camp this year.  My son Jimmy loves to play basketball at the J and learned how to swim there as well. The whole campus is great for the entire family.

            What’s your hope for the Omaha Jewish community moving forward?

I think we have a very strong foundation built in the Jewish community. My kids are fifth generation members of this community. That says a lot about our strong roots. I hope to see growth continue and see more great events that bring large crowds together. I look forward to the current and the future.

I love being a part of this community.

            What’s your takeaway?

I meet other young Jewish members of this community because I have plugged myself into the JCC. I enjoy YJO and have made great friends.

We want to hear from all our new donors. If you would like to be included in this Jewish Press series, please call me at 402.334.6431. We want to welcome you into the Federation family!