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12.21.12 Issue

by Leora Azriel, Teen/BBYO Director

On Dec. 11, 63 BBYO and BBYO Connect teens celebrated the fourth day of Hanukkah with latkes and sweet tasty treats, numerous spins of the dreidel, lighting the menorah, ice breaker games, and making new connections.

Sophomore Jacob Baron commented, “Light up the Night was a great event! It was a chance for Jewish middle school teens to interact with BBYO high school members. They mingled well and shared their love for BBYO with high fives, lots of smiles, and great ideas for how to make their experience better in the BBYO Connect program.”

A special guest from BBYO was also in attendance for the event. Allan Bogan, Chief Field Officer for the Midwest, spoke with BBYO high school teens about their leadership roles and how they can be successful at planning programs, being role models, and participating in Tikkun Olam projects in the Omaha community.

Bogan also took part in the games with BBYO teens. His energy and excitement for Omaha Cornbelt Council was remarkable. Sophomore Jessica Shandell shared, “BBYO International came out with a great Hanukkah YouTube video to share with all of us. I think it was important to share this with BBYO Connect because they can see how important it is to our organization to celebrate holidays.”

To see pictures from the event please click here on BBYO Hanukkah