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6.22.12 Issue

by Sharon Houchin, Co-Vice President of Public Realations, NCJW-Omaha Section

The National Council of Jewish Women-Omaha Section installed officers for 2012-2013 on Sunday, June 10, at the home of Marcia Pitlor. In addition to installing the new board, Patty Nogg, Iris Ricks, and Sonia Tipp were honored with volunteer awards and Rachel Martin was made a Life Member.

The Hannah G. Solomon Award is a national award presented by NCJW to an individual who has changed the lives of others through leadership efforts and service and who has helped to change and expand the role of women and men in vital areas of the community. It is given to honor an individual whose leadership in areas of NCJW concerns – improving the quality of life for people of all ages and backgrounds – has motivated others to fight for change and has resulted in progress and enlightenment in the community.  This award, last given in 2008, commemorates the spirit of Hannah G. Solomon, who established the National Council of Jewish Women in 1893. Since 1979, only 13 other NCJW-Omaha Section members have been recognized with this distinguished award. This year NCJW has designated the award to be given to Patty Nogg for her many years of continued service to the community and NCJW. Patty has taken on many roles as a member of NCJW. She is a Life Member and was the recipient of the NCJW Distinguished Service Award in 2008. She is the new incoming Membership Vice President and in the past has served as Vice President of Education; Dues Secretary; Trouping Theater Chairman, Co-Director and performer; Labels Unlimited Designer Dress Sale Co-Chairman; Labels Unlimited New Merchandise Co-Chairman; and Director. In addition to the many volunteer positions with NCJW, Patty has also worked on boards and chaired committees with the Jewish Community Center; Jewish Federation of Omaha; Rose Blumkin Jewish Home L.O.V.E.; Beth El Synagogue; the Omaha Community Play-house; the Omaha Children’s Museum; and worked at the Pennie Z. Davis Child Development Center as a pre-school assistant, Judaic Specialist and music teacher.  She is married to Steve Nogg.  Children are Jeff and Kelly; Brian and Jaime; and Annie and Todd Jason. Grandchildren are Jordan, Cory, Taylor, Riley, Avery and Lizzie, and one on the way.

Iris Ricks was honored with this year’s Distinguished Service Award. This award, which is a special award of Omaha Section, recognizes an NCJW member who has demonstrated outstanding years of service and has shown loyalty, commitment, and dedication to the Section with an overall awareness of NCJW while volunteering with a willingness to work at any level. Iris first joined the NCJW-Omaha Section in 1993 and became a Life Member.  Since then she has been Treasurer for two terms, Nominating Committee Chairperson, Co-Vice President of Fundraising, Director, and Finance Committee Chair for 2012-2013. In addition to volunteering with NCJW, Iris also volunteered with Women’s American ORT, and Temple Adat Elohim and its Sisterhood in California; Jewish Federation of Omaha, Temple Israel Women of Reform Judaism, and the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home L.O.V.E. board. She is married to Marty Ricks. They have family all over the United States, including Jen and Ken with granddaughter Ruth in Portland, OR; Paul and Bill in Chicago; Marc and Elisa with granddaughters, Sophie and Margot in New York; and Andrea and Richard with grandsons, Kenny and Trevor in Los Angeles.

Sonia Tipp is this year’s recipient of the Emerging Leader Award. Sonia is being honored for her potential in assuming future section leadership and as someone who understands and supports the NCJW purpose and programs as well as demonstrates commitment to the section. Sonia moved to Omaha from Maryland five years ago. She is married to Alan with two children, Adria and Asher. She is a pediatric occupational therapist and works part-time for ‘Kids on the Move’ helping kids with fine motor skills, handwriting, and sensory processing skills. Sonia has served on the Board for two years, first as a Director and this past year as Recording Secretary. She says, “It’s been wonderful learning about all of the different roles of the board members and the various projects sponsored by NCJW.” She was also involved in last year’s Omaha Chocolate Festival assisting in all aspects of the festival from compiling a list of vendors to making the aprons and dozens of phone calls, and doing lots of hand-holding all the way through. She was a tremendous asset to the festival and greatly responsible for its success.

The 2012 NCJW Awards Committee was chaired by Kate Kirshenbaum and included members: Lois Friedman, Sue Meyers, Sandy Nogg, Jan Schneiderman, and Nikki Kirshenbaum.

A surprise highlight of the morning was a Life Membership given to Rachel Martin by her Dad, Mark. Rachel is the daughter of longtime Board member, Julie Martin.

The Officers for 2012-2013 are: President-Jan Fischer; Community Service Presi-dents-Sonia Tipp, Holly Weill; Fundraising Vice Presidents-Rachel Dysico, Melinda Graham; Member-ship Vice Presidents-Cari Green, Patty Nogg; Public Affairs Vice Presidents-Cathy Christensen, Lisa Lewis; Public Relations Vice Presidents-Sharon Houchin, Alice Klein; Recording Secretary-Lise Sasson; Finan-cial Secretary-Kelly Kirk; Corresponding Secretary-Lori Kooper-Schwarz; Treasurer-Eileen Remer; Directors-Michelle Epstein, Angela Friedman, Joanie Jacobson, Vicki Perlmeter; Parliamentarians-Julie Martin, Dottie Rosenblum; Nominating Chairmen-Nikki Kirshenbaum, Tina Meyers; Finance Chairman-Iris Ricks; Planning and Evaluation Chairman – Debbie Friedman; and Kate Kirshenbaum – Awards Chairman. Past Presidents-Beth Friedman, Wendy Raffel; Jan Schneiderman – Honorary National President; and Lois Friedman – Honorary Vice President.