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6.22.12 Issue

by Annette van de Kamp-Wright, Editor of the Jewish Press

It’s been a very exciting year for the Jewish Press. We’ve had some staff changes, and we launched a brand new website. We also completed two successful special editions, for Rosh Hashanah and Passover, as always the result of some heavy lifting. In the middle of all that, we have continued to do our best to produce a quality weekly paper. Something that has been done by many before us, since 1920, and something we plan to do for many years to come.

We enjoy hearing from you, our readers, be it through phone calls, emails, or when we run into you around town. A newspaper, especially a community newspaper, is only useful as long as people read it. Judging from the response we’re getting, that is happening every week.

Now there is another way in which you can get involved. This month, we are introducing the Jewish Press Club. It’s a new initiative through which you, our loyal readers, can support us, and become even more involved with what we do and what we stand for.

It hasn’t been done before, and we’re pretty excited about it, so allow me to explain. There are three levels of giving at which you can become a Jewish Press Club member. We have the Reporter level at $36 per year, the Editor level at $72 per year, and the Publisher level at $180 per year. For that, you will receive your name in the paper (we will update the Press Club member list once per month), and, for those who give at the Publisher level, we will display a plaque outside the Jewish Press office.

But that’s not all: with every level, you receive Press Cash. Reporters receive 5, Editors 10, and Publishers 20 Press Cash bills that can be used both at the Star Deli, and for programming at the Jewish Community Center. One does not have to be a member of the JCC to use the Press Cash; it can be used regardless, and may even be used towards membership dues. Maybe you’ve been meaning to take a yoga class, or you’d like to take your best friend to lunch at the Deli; Press Cash can be substituted there for actual dollars. It’s another way in which the One Campus initiative allows us to achieve more together.

Any Press Club donations will be used on an operational level. It is no secret that Jewish newspapers nationwide have struggled during recent years, and it is essential that we not cut any additional parts of our budget. The reason this is so important is that at some point, cutting costs means sacrificing content. That is something we want to avoid. The Jewish Press has a long and proud history, and we as a community should be proud of it. There is no other Jewish paper in America today that has been produced for this many years in a community our size. We should all be proud of that and look for ways to increase revenue.

To become a member of the Jewish Press Club, please turn to page 12 and fill out the address field. Send it, together with your check, to the Jewish Press, 333 S.132nd St., Omaha NE 68154. We’d love to have you join us, and we look forward to hearing from you.