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school Break Specials

For grades K-6

School Break Specials are full day programs for JCC Members who are out of school for scheduled breaks or weather related closings. School Break Specials are a time for fun, food and friends! There will be awesome projects, fun, and games. The mornings will be filled with either a field trip or special activity. Drop off and pick up for School Break Specials are in the JCC Youth Lounge. Extended Care for School Break Specials is available.  Register NOW! 

REGULAR HOURS: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Members: $35 per child per day
Non Members: $45 per child per day
Snack is included

EXTENDED CARE : 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
Members: $45 per child per day
Non Members: $55 per child per day
Breakfast is included if here before 8:00 a.m.


Monday, Jan. 18 | Friendship Day- All Schools
Spend the day enjoying time with your new and old friends, while taking a swim and making some colorful creations.
code: Reg. 09-0118 | Ext. 09-0118BA

Thursday, Feb. 11 | Around the World - Millard, D66, FJA, Parochial
Visit different parts of the world at the J. We’ll explore international foods, languages, games and crafts.
code: Reg. 09-0211 | Ext. 09-0211BA

Friday, Feb. 12 | Dr. Suess Day
- Millard, D66, FJA, Parochial
“Oh, the places you’ll go” as we take a trip to the Lied Center in Lincoln. We’ll watch a Dr. Suess show and spend the rest of the day swimming and playing games at the J. No Pizza Friday due to field trip.
code: Reg. 09-0212 | Ext. 09-0212BA

Monday, Feb. 15 | Twin Day - All Schools
Double the fun! Spend the day doing all activities together. Dress identical to a friend if you want!
code: Reg. 09-0215 | Ext. 09-0215BA

Thursday, Feb. 25 | Wild, Wild West - OPS
Yeee-ha! Today we’ll participate in Wild West fun. Bring your cowgirl/cowboy hats and boots.
code: Reg. 09-0225 | Ext. 09-0225BA

Friday, Feb. 26 | Under the Sea - OPS (Pizza Friday)
Be sure to bring your swimsuits this day! We will do water-related crafts and of course, take a swim.
code: Reg. 09-0226 | Ext. 09-0226BA


Monday, March 7 | PJ Day - OPS, Parochial
Enjoy your day at the JCC while being comfortable in your pajamas! There will be plenty of crafts, gym time and swimming along with a movie.
code: Reg. 09-0307 | Ext. 09-0307BA

Tuesday, March 8 | Mystery Bus Ride - OPS, Parochial
We are going on a mystery bus ride. Where will we end up? Your only clue is you should pack a pair of socks because they might come in handy.
code: Reg. 09-0308 | Ext. 09-0308BA

Wednesday, March 9 | Wacky Wednesday - OPS, Parochial
Get a little wacky! We’ll celebrate by having a silly day participating in fun crafts, gym time and swimming along with a movie. Wacky clothes and
hair encouraged!

code: Reg. 09-0309 | Ext. 09-0309BA

Thursday, March 10 | Easy Cooking - OPS, Parochial,
Explore food that can be made in the microwave. You will get to enjoy all of your food creations while watching a movie in our Youth Lounge.
code: Reg. 09-0310 | Ext. 09-0310BA

Friday, March 11 | Rose Theater - OPS, Parochial (Pizza Friday)
We’ll take a trip to the Rose Theater to see a show and then spend the afternoon swimming and playing games at the JCC.
code: Reg. 09-0311 | Ext. 09-0311BA

Monday, March 14 | JCC Carnival - Millard
We will be planning and participating in a super fun carnival. With the help of your votes, YOU will get to plan the games and also play them!
code: Reg. 09-0314 | Ext. 09-0314BA

Tuesday, March 15 | Easy Cooking - Millard
Explore food that can be made in the microwave. You will enjoy all of your food creations while watching a movie in our Youth Lounge.
code: Reg. 09-0315 | Ext. 09-0315BA

Wednesday, March 16 | Pirate Day - Schools: Millard
Ahoy matey! It’s a day of pirates and mermaids. Today will be filled with treasures that include crafts, yummy food and a treasure hunt. We will end the day taking a dive in the pool.
code: Reg. 09-0316 | Ext. 09-0316BA

Thursday, March 17 | Bowling - Millard & FJA
Let’s go on an adventure to the bowling alley. We will spend the majority of the day bowling. You are bound to be “bowled” over with fun!
code: Reg. 09-0317 | Ext. 09-0317BA

Friday, March 18 | Backward Day - Millard & FJA (Pizza Friday)
Turn the day upside down and all around. Have a silly day filled with fun and games. Be sure to wear your clothes backwards.
code: Reg. 09-0318 | Ext. 09-0318BA

Friday, March 25 | Let’s Explore - Parochial & Brownell (Pizza Friday)
Adventure awaits at the JCC! We will explore all the JCC and have a scavenger hunt around the building.
code: Reg. 09-0325 | Ext. 09-0325BA

Monday, March 28 | Superheros - D66, Brownell & Parochial
Get ready to save the day and capture the villain. We will participate in heroic games and crafts and watch a superhero movie.
code: Reg. 09-0328 | Ext. 09-0328BA

Tuesday, March 29 | Rose Theater - Brownell & Parochial
Jump on the shuttle and get ready for a day filled with music. We’ll visit the Rose Theater and watch ‘Honk! The Musical.’ Later we’ll splash in the pool.
code: Reg. 09-0329 | Ext. 09-0329BA

Friday, April 22 | Goin’ Green
- OPS, Brownell, & FJA (Pizza Friday)
We’ll celebrate Earth Day by “Goin’ Green!” The day will be filled with activities and an afternoon swim.
code: Reg. 09-0422 | Ext.09-0422BA

Monday, April 25 | Reptile Friends - OPS & FJA
Have an opportunity to be up close and personal with some reptiles & amphibians. We’ll learn about their habitat, adaptations, environmental role and what we can do to help the animals.
code: Reg. 09-0425 | Ext. 09-0425BA

Tuesday, April 26 | Fitness Fun - FJA
Who said fitness can’t be fun?! We will take a trip to a local gymnastics studio. Roll, cartwheel or flip for joy during this day full of adventures.
code: Reg. 09-0426 | Ext. 09-0426BA

Wednesday, April 27 | Animal Planet - FJA
Do you love animals? Jump on board as we explore our furry, feathered, and fishy friends!
code: Reg. 09-0427 | Ext. 09-0427BA

Thursday, April 28 | Challenge Day - FJA
Are you ready for a challenge? We will compete in creative games that will test you on all levels. Be sure to bring your game face.
code: Reg. 09-0428 | Ext. 09-0428BA

Friday, April 29 | Arbor Day at the J
- FJA & Parochial
Fresh air awaits you as we take a trip to Fontenelle Forest. We will have a day full of outdoor adventures and explorations. There is no Pizza Friday  in observance of Passover.
code: Reg. 09-0429 | Ext. 09-0429BA

Lunch, Snacks, & Pizza Fridays
Children should bring a dairy based lunch (no meat) with them every day. We will refrigerate lunches if needed. Do not send items that need to be heated. A snack will be provided. Breakfast is served during extended care hours until 8 a.m. On Pizza Fridays children have the option of purchasing a cheese pizza lunch for $4. Please pre-register if you choose to participate. Lunch includes two slices of pizza, applesauce, cookies and beverage.

What to Bring
Bring a lunch, tennis shoes, socks, and swimsuit. We provide towels. There is no need to send extra money for activities. Children should wear comfortable clothes that they can move in and that are also suitable for art projects. We ask that kids leave their electronics and money at home. Children are solely responsible for all items they bring with them.

How to Register
Register online or by calling Laura Wine, Registrar, at (402) 334-6419. Please remember that there must be at least 6 children registered in order to run a School Break Special. If the minimum is not reached, it is subject to cancellation. If you are a Kidz iNN member, before and after care is included in your monthly fee, but you still need to register for the School Break Special.

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For more information contact

Megan Berlin, Director of Youth Programs
(402) 334-6409  |

 - Online via our website
 - Call Laura Wine, JCC Registrar, at (402) 334-6419
 - Stop by or call Member Services at (402) 334-6426