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Summer Fun Days


Summer Fun Days offer the same engaging activities, but allow for greater flexibility in scheduling, as per-day registration is available. Summer Fun Days are open to Members and Non Members in K-7th grade. They are offered in June and also during the week of July 4th. Register for the entire week or individual days.

Registration Opens February 4th for Members and March 4th for Non Members.

Thursday, May 23  |  Throwback Thursday
Travel back in time. Have a root beer float at a 1950’s diner, tie-dye in the 1960’s, and disco dance through the 1970’s.
(code:09-0523  /  +B/A Care:09-0523BA)

Friday, May 24  |  Real Life Games
How many games can we bring to life? Board games, video
games, strategy games, we are going to explore them all.
(code:09-0524  /  +B/A Care:09-0524BA  /  +Pizza Friday:09-0524P)

Monday, May 27  |  Youth Department Closed

Tuesday, May 28  |  Pancakes & Pajamas
Wear your comfy clothes! We’ll make and decorate pancakes at our pancake bar and do other pajama party themed activities.
(code:09-0528  /  +B/A Care:09-0528BA)

Wednesday, May 29  |  Party Like It's Your Birthday
This all-day birthday party will have cake, games, piñatas and more.
(code:09-0529  /  +B/A Care:09-0529BA)

Thursday, May 30  |  Senses & Sensibility
Test all five of your senses during this sensational day!
(code:09-0530  /  +B/A Care:09-0530BA)

Special! Thursday, May 30  |  Worlds & Oceans of Fun
4th-7th graders: Zip on roller coasters and water slides and lounge on a lazy river. Breakfast, dinner & snacks included. Bring a dairy lunch.
(code:09-0530WOF)  For incoming 4th-7th grade only. Min:13 / Max:26

Friday, May 31  |  Mini Maccabi Wars
It’s a day of competitive fun. We’ll form teams and compete in ways that will test our strength, speed, intelligence and team spirit.
(code:09-0531  /  +B/A Care:09-0531BA  /  +Pizza Friday:09-0531P)

Monday, July 1  |  Making Faces
We’ll explore for faces in unexpected places and have emoji fun!
(code:09-0701  /  +B/A Care:09-0701BA)

Tuesday, July 2  |  Crazy Chemical Reactions
We’ll see science in action as we conduct some crazy experiments.
(code:09-0702  /  +B/A Care:09-0702BA)

Special!  Tuesday, July 2  |  Adventureland
4th-7th graders: Enjoy roller coasters, rides & swimming at Adventureland! Breakfast, dinner & snacks provided. Bring a dairy lunch.
(code:09-0702ADV)  For incoming 4th-7th grade only. Min:13 /Max:26

Wednesday, July 3 |  Party in the U.S.A.
It’s a patriotic party with red, white and blue fun all day long.
(code:09-0703  /  +B/A Care:09-0703BA)

Thursday, JULY 4  |  Youth Department Closed

Friday, July 5  |  Toy Story
Do toys really come to life when they are alone? Today we’ll bring toys to life with our imaginations and take a trip to see ‘Toy Story 4’.
code:09-0705  /  +B/A Care:09-0705BA  /  +Pizza Friday:09-0705P)

Monday, August 12  |  Shark Shenanigans
It’s a shark frenzy! Make shark themed snacks and crafts, play Sharks and Minnows and have our own Shark Tank show.
(code:09-0812  /  +B/A Care:09-0812BA)

Tuesday, August 13  |  Cruise Ship Misadventures
The JCC cruise ship is scheduled to set sail for a morning of fun. Will the day be smooth sailing or might we encounter troubled waters?
(code:09-0813  /  +B/A Care:09-0813BA)

Wednesday, August 14  |  Summer Snow Day
Cool down with snowball fights, hot chocolate and winter craft fun! We will even take a field trip to Moylan Ice Complex for ice skating.
(code:09-0814  /  +B/A Care:09-0814BA)

Thursday, August 15  |  Fear Factor
Are you afraid of the dark? Would you ever eat a bug? Can you walk blindfolded through an obstacle course? Get ready to face your fears.
(code:09-0815  /  +B/A Care:09-0815BA)

Friday, August 16  |  No Theme Day
Who says we need a theme to have fun? Spend the last day of  the summer enjoying some surprise activities.
(code:09-0816  /  +B/A Care:09-0816BA  /  +Pizza Friday:09-0816P)

Early Bird Rates Expire April 4th.

• Call the JCC Registrar, Johannah Berkey, at (402) 334-6419
• Stop by or call Member Services at (402) 334-6426

Allison Burger, Director of Youth Programs
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Amanda Welsh, Assistant Director of Youth Programs
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