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NEW! Do you love dreaming up new creations? Boys and girls in K-6th grade  will spend each week exploring a different medium and working on making their creations come to life. This will be a multi-sensory program that includes videography, engineering, pottery and the arts.

Tuesdays, 4:30 - 5:30 p.m.  
November 7 - December 19
Member: $75 | Non: $85 | code: 09-1107
(Registration is for all 7 weeks)

Weekly Lessons

November 7: Introductions and Pottery
This class will start with introductions of both the kids and the teacher. Kids will then create a pottery dish that will later be painted to take home.

November 14: Engineering
We will start today by painting our pottery from the previous week.  We will then talk a little bit about the world of engineering and have a boat building contest. Each kid will have to create a boat using only paper and we will see whose boat is able to hold the most JENGA blocks while floating in a tub of water.

November 21: Recycle Creations

Using a variety of recyclable materials, kids will be able to let their imaginations run wild and create whatever they want. Maybe it’s a robot, a large sea creature or a new machine that will save the world!
Parents: If you would like to donate any recyclables you have at home, it would be greatly appreciated. We would take toilet paper tubes, pop bottles, milk jugs, Kleenex boxes, fruit cups, etc.

November 28: Photography
Campers will complete the final steps of creating a pinpoint camera using materials you can find around the house…most of them anyways. We will then each take a picture with the camera and develop them ourselves in our makeshift darkroom. What we create will be photo negatives, but our kids will understand the process behind taking and developing photographs.

December 5: Stamping
Kids will get to make and take home their own stamps. Using recycled Styrofoam, kids will get to make stamps as simple or as intricate as they would like. We will test out these stamps during Imaginarium and then the kids will get to take them home with them as well.
We will also discuss plots for next week’s activity

December 12: Stop Motion Videography
Our kids will work together to create a 1 minute long Stop Motion Video.  This will entail using props to take a series of photos, which we will string together on an iPhone app to create a short video.

December 19: Resistance Paintings
Using crayons, water color and canvases, we will discuss resistance. We first draw on our canvas with white crayons and then discuss why the water color will not adhere to the crayon and only to the actual canvas.

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Allison Burger
Director of Youth Programs
(402) 334-6409  |

Amanda Welsh
Assistant Director of Youth Programs
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