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H2H: Hand to Hand Self Defense

Men & Women, 9th Grade - Adult
The JCC is proud to partner with Omaha ATA Martial Arts Black Belt Academy to offer H2H : American Hand-to-Hand Self Defense! This program is for JCC Members, teens (9th Grade) through adult. Younger individuals may be allowed into class if they have a taekwondo black belt rank and parental permission. Class curriculum provides efficient self-defense training that participants can implement immediately. Classes are personally rewarding, physically demanding, and most importantly, fun. There are no belt ranks. Workout clothes are acceptable, but an ATA uniform is recommended.  Students will progress and test through several levels of techniques and abilities. For more information, please contact the Athletic Department.

Ongoing Program
Sundays, 12:10  - 12:55 p.m.
Monthly Enrollment Fee
Members  |  $50 per month
code: 17-206

For more information contact:

Lynette Brannen, Director of Athletics
(402) 590-2144

 - Online via our website
 - Call Laura Wine, JCC Registrar, at (402) 334-6419
 - Stop by or call Member Services at (402) 334-6426

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