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MELT Workshop

Are you someone whose first steps out of bed in the morning are painful?
Are you someone who has been living with chronic pain? 
Are you someone who is just wanting to improve your balance and feel better? 

If you said yes to one or more of these questions then The MELT Method just may be for you!  The MELT Method addresses the issues in our connective tissue that can be the cause of some of your aches and pains. Your connective tissue is a supportive three-dimensional system under your skin that supports, protects, and stabilizes everything in your body: Skin, bones, nerves, blood vessels, every cell in your body relies upon this flexible scaffolding to remain stable. Dehydrated connective tissue is like a dried out sponge.  When it is dry, you can’t manipulate it.  When it is hydrated, the sponge is pliable and easily manipulated. The MELT Method will help you address the dehydration in your connective tissue.

Take the first steps in learning how to live a pain-free life by attending The MELT Method Hand and Foot workshop. In the workshop you will learn how to address the issues in your connective tissue using a small soft ball.  This workshop is for all ages and fitness levels. All equipment will be provided for the workshop. You will be given the information on how to purchase The MELT Method soft ball needed for continuation of the hand and foot treatment at home to keep you on your path to pain-free living.

Melt Hand & Foot Workshop  
Members, Ages 16+
Each workshop is 90 minutes long and will be held in the downstairs Pilates studio. Participants should wear comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of water. Space is limited to 12 participants per workshop.

No dates are currently being offered. Please check back soon!
For more information on this workshop contact Breann Lundblad at (402) 334-6580.

Questions?  Contact Breann at (402) 334-6580.