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Wellness Coaching

JCC Members  |  Ages 16+
Instructors:  Maggie Thomas, Steve Rushlau  |  Location: Fitness Center

Embarking on a journey for better health and wellness will lead you to new successes and possibly hurdles you weren’t expecting. Lifestyle change is tough, so we’re here to help you.  Wellness coaching is a great way to partner with a Personal Trainer on the challenges you face outside the gym.  Participants will work with their trainer to take an indepth look at the balance in their nutrition, exercise, sleep, and sources of stress.  They will then help develop a plan of action to move towards the healthier lifestyle your striving for.  Wellness coaching is an office based meeting, during these sessions the trainer will not prescribe exercise or a specific diet, but work with you in changing your daily habits and routines to better suite lasting results.

Wellness Coaching Can Help Those
  • Having trouble losing or maintaining weight
  • Unhappy with their current health status
  • Lacking motivation in maintaining a fitness/wellness program
  • Unsure of what makes a healthy lifestyle
  • Battling low energy or high stress

6 Sessions of Wellness Coaching   |  $129   
(Each session is 30 minutes.)

For more information contact

Fitness Center Staff (402) 334-6423

 - Call Laura Wine, JCC Registrar, at (402) 334-6419
 - Stop by or call Member Services at (402) 334-6426